The $995 BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio connected to the FREE HD Wave Broadcaster / H.264 encoder.


To create a professional production grade looking broadcast you need one thing above all else and that is a video switcher. The main job of this is to take multiple video feeds and be able to switch from one feed to another to get the best shot possible or to simply change the angle to keep viewers interested.

A really good video switcher goes beyond this allowing the controller to overlay graphics for score boards or titles, live green screening for weather reporter like broadcasts, smooth transitions from one feed to the next, some audio mixing capabilities and the ability to show multiple feeds at the same time for group interviews.

Now the problem. Price a video switcher can run any where from $3000 all the way up to the tens of thousands making this out of the reach of many there is also the software rout but the price of most will still run you $2000 and on top of that the price for capture cards will still take you close to the $3000 price point.

At EyePartner we are constantly looking for ways to help our broadcasters find the most cost effective solutions that will help them create great looking content and Broadcasts, that said we are proud to introduce the most affordable solution we have found.


atem-tv-studio3We have recently tested the ATEM Television studio with our HD Wave Broadcaster on our TikiLIVE Platform and we were blown away by how powerful this devise was and how easy it was to set up and start broadcasting. It came with the ATEM Control Panel software rack full with all the features mentioned above. You can have up to 6 HD video feeds giving you a good deal of options check out this solution today at to see if it is right for you.