Stream HD Audio to Any Device with TikiLIVE: iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets – Oh, My!When people begin to stream content online they usually choose one of the free streaming providers so that they can go ahead and get their content online as soon as possible.

While this may be sufficient for videos that do not become popular, these free services often do not provide the level of service required should the popularity of your videos really take off.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a mobile broadcasting partner that will not only support your needs when you are serving a handful of users, but also to be able to handle your growth as your videos become immensely popular.

The last thing that you want to do is have to completely change your streaming provider after your videos begin to gain popularity online. This could be detrimental to your online popularity, as you will have to help your users navigate to a completely new streaming platform after they’ve become accustomed to accessing your videos in another way.

With TikiLIVE there’s no need to ever move to a larger provider as we can handle all of your needs big or small. Aside from our stellar service, we also offer a whole host of features that will likely be useful for your mobile video broadcasting needs.

Create a Custom White Label IPTV Network

Are you familiar with Netflix or Hulu Plus? If so, you understand that you can access these streaming providers and watch all sorts of content on your television or mobile device as long as you have an active Internet connection.

With TikiLIVE, your content can be accessed right alongside these major media players though our custom white label IPTV network.

You can easily create a completely branded IPTV network with all of your logos and design elements to convey a cohesive brand to your end users. So even though your content is hosted on TikiLIVE’s robust servers, your viewers will never know the difference.

Access Across a Variety of Platforms

The popularity of your content will likely be affected by how many people are exposed to your videos. The more people that can access your content, the more likely it will be successful online.

With TikiLIVE your content will be instantly available across a variety of platforms. Whether your users are accessing your content from their TV through a set top box from Roku, or from their mobile phones, tablets or computers, TikiLIVE has you covered.

We utilize the latest in HTML5 technology to give your users an incredible experience regardless of their device. As more and more people access content from mobile devices, your content will easily be viewable by this growing segment of the population.

Free WordPress Site With Your TikiLIVE Account

Not only does TikiLIVE have you covered when it comes to streaming your HD content, but we also allow you to create your very own website from within our user friendly interface.

After logging into your TikiLIVE account you should see a link to access your WordPress dashboard. This dashboard allows you to easily create a robust website where you can share your content without any website building experience.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems online and is currently being used to power millions of websites around the world.

You no longer have an excuse to not create high quality videos or have a robust, feature rich website through which you can easily share all of your content.

Analytics to Track Your Performance

As your videos gain in popularity, you’ll likely want to analyze which content is working well and which content needs to be tweaked. Without in-depth analytics this chore would take significant time.

Thanks to TikiLIVE’s sophisticated analytics tools you can analyze viewer habits and statistics for all of your channels to see where changes need to be made to grow your viewing audience.

Grab Your Camera or Phone and Start Streaming Your Content!

Now that you’ve seen a few of the features that make TikiLIVE a powerhouse in the online streaming marketplace, you’re likely ready to get to work creating your online content.

We make it easy to stream your audio and video content online. After signing up for an account all you need to do is use a video camera or even your mobile phone to stream content to one of your TikiLIVE channels.

Even if you don’t have access to a high-powered video camera, your smartphone will be able to record HD video that can be streamed to your channel. If you do plan to stream content from your mobile device, it’s important to download TikiLIVE’s Android or iOS app depending on the type of smartphone you have.

Need a Little Help to Stream Your Content Online

It is our goal to make streaming HD video content online extremely simple, so contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have about getting started!