White Label STB


Introducing our Newest HTML5 White-Label STB

White Label STB

As we all know the time to market your company is THE largest factor for your Return on Investment. The quicker you bring your content and services to your market, the more profitable you become. The reason why we chose this particular STB is because of many reasons, such as:
  • Better Price Breaks
  • More Responsive
  • Easier to Customize
  • Faster Channel Switching
  • Supports HLS
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • User Friendly

…and so much more!

This STB specializes in OTT Services allowing you the ability to White-Label while taking advantage of the booming growth of skills and production within the region. This STB comes with a high processing platform and fast memory allowing to run applications such as HTML5 and CSS3.

White Label HTML5 STB


Our OTT HTML5 STB is capable of:

  • Publishing LIVE & VOD Content
  • Embeddedable Browser Base
  • RTMP supported
  • HLS supported
  • UDP supported, including multicast
  • H264 and MPEG2 supported
  • Channel switch times run on REAL TIME
  • Encoding & Transcoding Capabilities
  • CDN Ready
  • Catch-Up TV
  • Pulling / Pushing
  • Timeshifted TV which can be done with an SSD extension pack
  • 15 Channels – Encoder capacity
  • Get your content from any source in any format with the highest quality rates
  • HTML5 User Interface
  • Low Footprint
  • Completely Customizable
  • Multi-Device Solution

HLS Channel Manager EPG HTML5

Ingest our HLS HTML5 Channel Manager Module

  • Allows users to build unlimited scheduled programming for playback on Roku Set top boxes (over 3 million homes in USA alone) and HTML5 compatible players including iPad and iPhone
  • Drag – n – drop easy to use interface
  • Cropping Editor allowing to trim and edit the timeline
  • Drop in Advertising placements fast and easily
  • Start building your own TV station with unlimited channels
  • Streaming capacity is unlimited when using Eyepartner Tier1 service combined with Level3 CDN delivery
  • Ability to manage timezones, set languages, updates and so much more

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