TikiLIVE Version 5.0.12 brings even more improvements on our TikiLIVE platform. Version 5.0.12 enables users to publish multiple bitrate streaming videos to the Set Top Box as well as a brand new DVR functionality so you can follow catch up on your favorite events if you miss them.

White-Label DVR Function

TikiLIVE offers its own White-Label Set Top Box (STB) similar to those of the popular Roku and Apple TV boxes. These are great for users looking to have their brand alone in front of their customers and now the STB supports the TikilIVE DVR functionality. Users can record their favorite shows and save then to their own box to watch at their convenience. Do you frequently miss the LIVE event you wanted to watch? Just set the content to your Scheduled Recordings lists and access it from your DVR whenever you wish.

Social Open ID

Previously TikiLIVE added Facebook logins and version 5.0.12 now also supports logging in through Twitter as well. If you’re signing up at TikiLIVE you may choose either Facebook or Twitter which automatically synchronizes your account with your Social Networking platform of choice and automatically creates your account with the information from your Social Networking Profile.


New WordPress Widgets

WordPress is a very popular and easy to use CMS that makes creating your own website simple for anyone to master. TikiLIVE offers broadcaster their very own free WordPress and we even allow you to try it for free!

Version 5.0.12 includes advancements to our featured banner widget which allows users to place images, pictures, or banners on the home page or side bar of any page. We’ve simplified the entire process so now everything is completed from one area in the widget section of your WordPress dashboard. We even offer training for those who can use a little extra help getting their new broadcasting site off the ground.

Our newest booking scheduler widget allows your customers to reserve appointments or book events and venues on a 24/7 basis. Your users have a choice of paying directly or just reserve a timeslot in your schedule. You can even set prices per time slot and managed multiple booking types online. Users can create appointments and confirm them all on the web at your convenience.


Additional Storage

Do you ever find yourself running out of hard drive storage on your TikiLIVE account? The newest HD Videos can take up a lot of space, and with the addition of mp3 uploads, space is now filling up faster than before. TikiLIVE is prepared though and now offers storage package upgrades for any user starting as low as $50 a month for an extra 25 GB.

YUME Ad Integration

TikiLIVE offers users the ability to integrate HTML5 YUME ads into their content as a means of monetizing their channels. YUME is a company that provides digital video advertising for their users to integrate into their content, and now we’ve integrated this feature into our solution so you may make use of these provided advertisements with your content. Plus these ads are HTML5 compatible so not only can they be viewed on the web, but also right next to your content on all mobile devices like iPhones, Androids, and tablets.

multi-bitrate player

Multiple Bit Rate Streaming

Video On Demand content has taken the next step in streaming on TikiLIVE, now available in multiple bit rates for White-Label Set Top boxes. Sometimes Internet connections can be unreliable, but with your videos encoded to multiple resolutions from 1080p all the way down to 144p standard definition with the use of our newest TikiLIVE Monster Encoder, the video will automatically adjust for you. The player will stream the compatible video resolution based on the user’s Internet connection, practically eliminating buffering all together.

TikiLIVE is here to provide you with the best features and products when it comes to LIVE and VOD streaming on the web, phones, tablets, and televisions. You can always contact our office at any time by filling out the online Contact Us form, or giving us a call at 305.289.4557.