It’s no secret that the TV industry has completely evolved from the outdated cable and satellite to the high-in-demand OTT streaming services. Consumers went from purchasing cable boxes to searching for the latest and greatest TV-connected devices in just a few short years. In fact, nearly 50% of households today, stream a form of OTT content.

As for B2B marketers, this growth in interest for OTT networks is quite intriguing to them. It’s so perplexing that they are looking to test it out. Of course, with OTT’s vast versatility, it offers plenty of accessibility to B2B marketers to experiment.

Can OTT Be Useful for B2B Marketers?

B2B is a shortened way of saying business-to-business. It can also be referred to as e-biz, but in all, this term describes products, services, and information that is exchanged between businesses. With that being said, B2B marketers are researching whether OTT can be useful to them. Here’s what they found:

Accessibility is a major pro when it comes to OTT services. Marketers found that:

  • A large TV ad agency isn’t really necessary when trying to accomplish premium content buy.
  • Since OTT has much lower CPMs, the minimum amount that is required for a test won’t exceed the budget
  • Targeted ad displays are easy to construct and have the ability to re-engage already viewed OTT content through ads that steer customers back to the site while the company acquires lower-funnel KPIs.

Additionally, B2B marketers determined that in only a short time, OTT will progress to the point where consumers will have the ability to access different and additional content–product galleries, longer-form video–simply from their remotes. This means that brand awareness and consumer engagement is soon to vastly broaden.

Marketers recommend that other B2B marketers run plenty of tests that measure the impact that OTT has on their specific audiences and their reactions to the corresponding display ads.

The Future For OTT B2B Marketing Is Bright

With more time to build metrics and measure trends versus gaps, more advancements will be made to the word of OTT; that includes major advancements in the field of advertising as well. Additionally, the opportunity for granularity and reaching targeted audiences will only grow stronger and more prevalent. With a little time and patience, OTT from an advertising standpoint will soon flourish.