IpTV network involves streaming Television services using Internet instead of traditional terrestrial, satellite signal or cable television formats.

When setting up the ipTv network you have to consider three main packages:

1. Live television

2. Time shifted television: catch-up TV

3. VOD: browse catalog of available videos, not necessarily related to TV program.


The number of global ipTV subscribers was expected to grow from 28milion in 2009 to 83 millions in 2013, where Europe and North America are the leaders in terms of revenue generators.

While income possibilities are huge, in order to speed up your ROI as an ipTV business owner you need to address properly :

1. Channel capture

2. Transportation to Internet

3. Support audience

Eyepartner, through the Tikilive ipTV streaming system gives you the right tools to capture channel, to transcode to ip and scalable cluster to host your content, for any audience size. Tikilive ipTV streaming brings the interacctive TV to a totally new level: you can offer now live HD TV, camera, text chat, EPG, VOD. There are plenty of ipTV Middleware providers, STB providers, hosting providers, only one company has them all. Choose full ipTV set up from Tikilive to leave out the headache of contacting 100 providers for your streaming business set up. You take care care of content and audience, we do the rest. Take advantage of all the opportunities to make your viewers experience more interactive and personal. With the EPG and advanced Search functionally of Tikilive your viewers can surf without leaving the program they are watching.

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