tikilive-boxYour streaming content has value, so why not turn it into a business?

TikiLIVE gives you the power to easily and dependably broadcast your high-definition IPTV channels to mobile device and set-top box users around the globe — a power that presents a myriad of business opportunities for the enterprising broadcaster.

Whether you live-stream events, make your content available by monthly subscription or sell digital downloads of your content, our built-in tools to help you monetize your content.

This, combined with a robust content-delivery infrastructure, minimal setup requirements, and a host of simple yet powerful features for broadcasting and promoting your channels, make TikiLIVE the clear choice to be your IPTV business partner.

Make Your Content Available on Any Device

As a broadcaster, you want your content to be seen by the largest possible audience. With TikiLIVE, anyone around the globe with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or a set-top box such as Roku or AppleTV can access your channels.

Our cloud-based Monster Encoder allows you to upload video in any format and have it encoded for playback on any device.

For a live streaming event, TikiLIVE’s HD Wave features broadcast your content to your channels in a high-definition stream without the buffering and other playback hiccups that can plague video streams from other providers.

No expensive specialized equipment is required — simply set up your camera (even a smartphone or tablet camera will deliver great results), click Start and you’re on the air!

Broadcast Your IPTV Channels with Ease

Does the technical side of getting an Internet broadcast to go live sound daunting to you? We’ve designed the TikiLIVE dashboard for people like you.

It has a simple, intuitive design with its functions in plain English, so no technical expertise is required to broadcast.

  • You create a new channel by clicking a link that says Create New Channel.
  • You set the playing order of the content on your channel by dragging and dropping the files in the order you want.
  • Your channel goes live when you click Broadcast Now.

What can be easier than that?

We’ve taken the technical pain points out of Internet broadcasting, so you can spend less time struggling with your tools and more time focusing on delivering quality content.

Social Media Integration Gives You Big Promotional Power

While promoting your channels is a crucial part of being a broadcaster, reaching potential consumers can be a big, costly headache. To make this part less of a chore, we’ve built in features to quickly and easily promote your channels to a vast source of potential viewers: social media users.

Through your dashboard, you can:

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously
  • Easily embed sample video or promotional clips to these sites and to YouTube
  • Interact with your viewers with a live chat feed on your channels
  • Set up message boards to discuss what you broadcast and get feedback from viewers on what they like.

TikiLIVE’s social media integration leverages the promotional power of social media with a minimal investment of your time and effort.

Sales Tools Are Included

For the IPTV broadcaster who wants to build a sustainable business out of his or her channels, TikiLIVE provides sales features that give you the option to charge viewers for your content. These tools also track purchases and collect funds, eliminating the external accounting you would need to do for these items. You can:

  • Broadcast pay-per-view events: TikiLIVE takes care of all the ticketing for these events and tracks tickets sold and funds collected.
  • Sell monthly subscriptions to your channels: An excellent source of recurring revenue, subscriptions are ideal for IPTV broadcasters who plan to regularly produce and broadcast premium content. TikiLIVE tracks subscriptions sold and funds collected.
  • Sell digital content downloads or other channel merchandise: TikiLIVE provides a WordPress shopping cart that you can use to transact purchases of items like these.

The sales tools also include on-demand reports that summarize and detail sales figures for any date range you choose.

Other Strategies for Monetizing Your IPTV Broadcasts

In addition to these various types of content sales, there are a number of other paths you can choose to generate revenue from your TikiLIVE IPTV channels.

  • Advertising: TikiLIVE supports Google AdSense and openX text video overlay ads. You can also insert video ads in your channel.
  • Affiliates: The Streaming Platform Affiliates Rewards program allows you to earn a percentage of the signup fee for every Streaming Platform Affiliate you sign up, as well as a percentage of every payment they make for their recurring subscriptions.
  • Freelance: Use your channels to be a broadcaster-for-hire for third parties who want to stream their events or other content. Market yourself to:
    • Sports organizations
    • Local government
    • Churches
    • Musicians
    • Filmmakers
    • Special interest groups
    • Business organizations
    • Professional societies
    • Conference organizers
    • Political campaigns
    • Comedy clubs

Get creative! TikiLIVE will help you make the most of any opportunities that come your way in your IPTV business. We give you the freedom to envision and execute your business goals without devoting precious time and energy to your broadcast solution. Sign up now!