suncadiaIf you’re looking to create content to be shared online, you have your work cut out for you. With millions of other video creators online, it’s important that your content speaks for itself.

You want to generate content that engages your users and prompts them to share it with their friends and followers to further extend your reach. While you are likely thinking about streaming your content to online users who are accessing your content from their smartphones, computers or tablets, you shouldn’t discount the segment of users accessing your content through iPTV devices.

iPTV devices are used to stream video content over the Internet to televisions across the world. Viewers simply purchase a smart TV or one of the many available set top boxes and they can then access streaming content from their TV with ease.

Streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have already popularized the use of set top boxes to access video content. Because of this popularity smaller independent content creators can also have their content easily accessible on these set top boxes. In fact by partnering with a streaming provider like TikiLIVE, content creators can have their very own iPTV network in a matter of minutes. TikiLIVE offers a whole host of features that make creating your own iPTV network a cinch!

Partner With a Streaming Provider With a Strong Network

As mentioned above if you’re looking to stream your content to iPTV devices, choosing a reliable streaming provider is extremely important. When your content has the potential of being streamed to millions of households, you have to ensure that the network delivering your content is up to the task.

We offer a robust content delivery network that is easily able to handle traffic spikes that are common when content goes viral. TikiLIVE offers a number of built-in features that ensure your content will be easily accessible by your iPTV users:

Monster Encoder – When creating content to be streamed online it’s important that you choose a file format that is supported across multiple devices. With TikiLIVE’s Monster Encoder all of this is handled in the background. You simply upload your content in one of several formats and TikiLIVE will encode your video content in the cloud to be viewable across all types of iPTV devices.

Worldwide Network of Servers – At TikiLIVE we have servers located across the world that can serve your content to viewers. Our network is able to detect a user’s location and serve your content from the server that is located closest to the user, which helps to reduce buffering and other streaming issues.

Target Mobile Users

While it’s important to cater to iPTV users, you don’t want to neglect other users in the process. With the number of mobile users growing by the second, it’s important that your content is also easily viewed on smartphones and tablets. With TikiLIVE we offer full HTML5 support, which allows your content to be viewable from smartphones and tablets running both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Create Killer Content

Aside from all of the high tech equipment necessary to build your own iPTV network, the actually content itself is of the utmost importance. You can have the best infrastructure in the world but if your content is not engaging enough for your users, they’ll quickly jump ship to someone else that is delivering a superior experience.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and push the envelope when it comes to your video content strategy. It’s the people that have something different to offer that typically succeed online. Don’t imitate others online, but learn from them and create a voice entirely your own.

Share Across Your Social Media Platforms

Social media is the new marketing platform that allows anyone with an idea and an audience a chance to create a sizeable audience. Video content is a great way to show your unique personality to others and sharing your content through your social media profiles will help to further grow your user base.

The beauty of social media is that you can share your content to your profile and then your users or fans become your marketing staff. As they share your content with their friends your content instantly becomes more successful. With TikiLIVE you can instantly share your content with your social media profiles to ensure that you’re getting the word out as soon as your video content is finished.

Offer Live and Prerecorded Content

While live content is great, not everyone is going to be able to “attend” your virtual streaming session. For this reason, it’s important to allow your content to be streamed long after your original event is over.

With TikiLIVE, you can stream your content live or record it to be viewed later. The beauty of prerecorded content is that you can actually charge users to view your content long after the initial airing to help generate income. Think about the potential of being able to make money days, weeks or even years after the initial broadcast of one of your videos.

Build a Website to Help With Branding

To create a successful iPTV network you’ll most likely have to develop a recognizable brand that caters to your user base. While you can do this through your videos, you’ll likely also want an online presence to further build your brand. Having your own website to show off your new videos and to give your user base a chance to connect with you can do wonders to increase your visibility online.

The problem with creating a website is that they can be expensive and hard to maintain. We’ve cut all of the confusion out of creating your own website. In fact with a TikiLIVE account you instantly have access to your very own WordPress website allowing you to create an online presence in minutes with no prior coding knowledge.

Finally Ready to Build Your iPTV Network?

Stop making excuses about why you can’t create your own iPTV network. With TikiLIVE anything is possible when it comes to streaming content. Give our team a call today at 305-743-6722 or contact us here if you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to create your own iPTV network.