TikiLIVE first upgraded to a Twitter bootstrap layout when we upgraded our platform’s front end in version 4.0. Now, moving forward to version 5.0.14, the front end, back end, and admin area of TikiLIVE are all built on a completely responsive template, allowing users to access contents from anywhere on the site, from any device.

Over a year ago, TikiLIVE was first upgraded to a bootstrap design only on the front end of the site where users could browse, search, and watch content through the simplistic and responsive view on mobile devices and browsers. But now, we have extended this capability far beyond just the front end where users, viewers, and administrators can now enjoy the ease of use through a completely responsive TikiLIVE design.

Front End

With a social open end ID, new or existing users can sign into their TikiLIVE account using Facebook or Twitter for easy setup, login, and access. Signing up by linking your social media account eliminates the need of having to input a fair amount of the required information, decreasing the already speedy process greatly. Plus with integration of two of the most popular social media networks of today, users can expand their reach by seamlessly posting their content elsewhere online for an expanded viewer audience.

Content pages will automatically conform to any device you are on whether it’s a desktop browser, mobile phone, or tablet. Data is displayed in the format best suited based on your screen size while still making content look great.

Back End

The back end for users and administrators has finally been upgraded to a bootstrap template just like the rest of TikiLIVE was, so now even managing content can be just as simple as viewing it from any screen on any device.

From the user backend, the screen will respond to your device and screen size. Menus collapse to provide more main screen room, content aligns so it’s easier to read and access, and in-page scroll options have been added to allow more content available on your screen for managing your channels. The same goes for the admin area of the site where administrators can enjoy the ease of access that comes with a bootstrap design.
It just goes to show that a responsive template can be used by all users of the site, not just viewers, but broadcasters, visitors, and administrators too. No matter what device or which browser you are on, TikiLIVE will look great from all ends with its completely incorporated responsive bootstrap design.

You can try TikiLIVE for free by visiting For more information on TikiLIVE itself and the different services we offer, you can fill out our online CONTACT US form, or call our offices at 305.289.4557.