Watch LIVE Streaming in HD for FreeIn years past, tackling a job like unclogging a plumbing pipe or refinishing a table would likely have been out of reach for the everyday homeowner or renter due to the skill required to perform these common tasks. Now with the many advances in video technology, you can find a video that outlines exactly how to perform almost any task that you can dream of. This makes everyday DIY projects much more attainable thanks to online videos.

One leader when it comes to free HD videos online is TikiLIVE. We offer a variety of free live streaming channels that you can view at your leisure based on your interests. In this blog we’ll showcase a few of our most popular channels to show just a small subset of the high quality content that can be found through our network of content providers.


One of TikiLIVE’s newest channels is called TEDBroadcasting. This channel showcases a variety of the TED Talks that have become so popular online. If you are not familiar with TEDTalks, they are discussions where thought leaders share new ideas in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design. These talks are typically fairly short (18 minutes or less) which allows you to watch them without having to dedicate a large amount of your time. Our TEDBroadcasting channel currently has 10 videos that can be viewed and we are constantly adding additional TED Talks that we hope you will enjoy.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel

Another popular live streaming channel on TikiLIVE is The Outdoor Cooking Channel. This channel is unique in that it is dedicated to grilling enthusiasts around the world that can’t get enough of their infatuation with grills and the wonderful aromas that are synonymous with outdoor cooking.

A few popular shows on this channel include The BBQ Central Show as well as Whiskey Bent in The Pit, where one of the contestants from the Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters shares some of his grilling knowledge. If you’re an accomplished griller yourself or looking to hone your skills, this is most definitely the channel for you!


Ever heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” If so, you may get a kick out of a live streaming channel from TikiLIVE that focuses on showing some of the fun that can be had during a night out in Las Vegas. Live vicariously through others as you check out how wild a night out in Vegas can really get!

Alternative TV

Alternative TV is a live channel from TikiLIVE that incorporates a love for alternative music with funny music videos. If you want to catch a few laughs that may take you back a few years to when alternative rock was all the rage, check out Alternative TV today!

Micromercial TV

Have you ever stayed up late at night and caught yourself getting sucked into one of the many infomercials that air at all hours of the morning? If so, you’ll appreciate Micromercial TV, which is an entire TV network dedicated to all things related to infomercials. There’s no longer any need to stay up late to catch the latest infomercials, simply logon to TikILIVE and check out Micromercial TV today!

Empowerment TV

Empowerment Television is a 24 hour IPTV platform that is dedicated to providing you with all sorts of biblical teachings, transforming messages and revelational teachings that will help you to live a more fulfilling life. This IPTV channel is an extension of THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER, which is a popular non-denominational church. If you are looking for a way to grow in your faith, Empowerment Television may be something that you should check out.

How to Check Out These TikiLIVE Channels and More?

TikiLIVE offers an extremely versatile platform that allows you to easily stream the popular channels that we’ve listed above for free as well as hundreds of other channels that are created by our ever-growing user base. Simply browse our live TV channels to see what type of content may interest you. Not only can you access live content from your computer but you can also access all of TikiLIVE’s content from your smartphone, tablet, or set top box.

If you have any questions about the wide variety of content offered for free from TikiLIVE, give our top-notch customer service team a call today at 305-743-6722 or you can also reach us via email or live chat through our website. We look forward to showing you how easy it easy to watch live streaming in HD for free, thanks to our wealth of content that is always available at your fingertips.