When running a business it’s important to explore all the ways available to increase the revenue and speed up the ROI . Internet in general and Webcam Software solutions particularly offer unlimited possibilities to create and sell content – educational, for advertising or simply for entertainment.

The Webcam Recording feature from JamOnCam platform allows broadcasters to create videos and then publish them in the VOD section, available 24/7 on a free or pay-per-view basis. It’s a cost effective, easy-to-manage revenue resource as the videos can be accessed at anytime, even when the host is offline.

JamOnCam has multiple options for recording your video session. The most simple, user-friendly and time-saving way is to use the web broadcaster directly from your broadcaster account, just click the camera symbol at the bottom right corner and click again when you’re done to stop recording. The record feature is available at anytime no matter if in break-room or in meeting with your partners.

Webcam Recording Session
Webcam Recording Session

With The NEW HDWave broadcasting module you have alternatives in HD!

The HD Wave Broadcaster

Once file installed, use your credentials to login and simply check [Save file] option in your console. Start broadcasting and your content is on it’s way!

When ready, just use the video upon your wish!

To find out how our Webcam Recording Software can work for you, please call us at (305) 455-8675