In the past year, TikiLIVE has grown significantly! Not only have we advanced our delivery platforms, we have also super sized our library of premium content!
Whether you are providing your own content or are in search of premium channels to extend to your clientele, TikiLIVE has you covered. Our new wholesale options allow you to provide premium HD TV to your subscribers fingertips from almost anywhere at anytime!
Choose from a plethora of stunning high definition options, all capable of streaming to countries all over the world! content such as Dream Works, Red Bull House Media, EURO Channel, and even Freckle TV for the kids plus many more!
Not only are all these channels available within the U.S., they can also be distributed internationally for a much broader, more available customer base.
TikiLIVE is a complete live streaming platform that allows users to deliver high definition content via computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even to televisions through set-top boxes.
Monetize your HD streams with pay per view. TikiLIVE delivers up to 1080p high definition channels and VOD. You may now create your own channels and start your own broadcasting or cable business. Like to learn more? Contact us for a full demonstration and platform review.
To see a list of all our available channels, visit our page here. For more information just fill out the online “Contact Us” form, or speak with us directly at 305.743.6722.