October 6th, 2014

Stream HD Audio to Any Device with TikiLIVE: iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets – Oh, My!The rise of streaming audio on the Internet has led listeners to search for something new beyond the tired AM/FM radio paradigm. The Morning Zoo, Two-fer Tuesdays, All-Request Rock Blocks…these familiar radio standbys have become so clichéd that they have become shorthand for cheesy, uninspired broadcasting. With so many music and podcast options on the Internet, which listeners can take with them on mobile devices everywhere they go, there’s no need to settle for being tied to traditional terrestrial radio any longer. Listeners can seek out audio content that offers them something new, and Internet broadcasters can play music that reflects their true personalities.

Fortunately, 21st-century technology has done away with the need for aspiring DJs to align themselves with traditional radio stations. Gone are the rigid, mainstream formats, office politics, and graveyard shifts that broadcasters formerly couldn’t avoid in their radio careers. The Internet has leveled the playing field and made it possible for anyone with a computer or mobile device to become a broadcaster, without having to invest in expensive equipment or obtain an FCC license. And just as it does for video, TikiLIVE can get your HD audio content delivered to mobile devices worldwide quickly, easily, and dependably, thanks to our Better Than Radio module.

Reaching Listeners Around the World Has Never Been Easier

Getting your radio station started really is just as easy as signing up for TikiLIVE’s Better Than Radio service. From there, it’s just a matter of:

  • Creating your channel (or channels)
  • Uploading your HD audio files to the TikiLIVE Audio Library
  • Creating playlists for your audio, and then
  • Going live.

Your channels can be anything you want them to be; they can showcase different genres, eras, artists, themes, and many other options. You can embed your channels into your WordPress site, and if you don’t have one, TikiLIVE will provide a WordPress site to you, so your station has a home base on the web.

With your channels ready to go, your next step is to upload your HD audio files. Once this is done, you can edit library information such as artist, track, and album names, genre, release date, and other data. TikiLIVE’s robust infrastructure hosts your HD audio in its Audio Library and streams it on demand, at any time anywhere in the world, without dropping, stuttering or buffering.

With your HD audio uploaded, you then create your playlists. Your My Playlists page in TikiLIVE enables you to create new playlists as well as track previously created ones with information you can add to them: date created, title, length, number of files, the channel the playlist was used on, and more. Once created, playlists can be edited as well as deleted.

From there, all that remains is to go live, and enjoy your new career as an Internet DJ!

HTML5 Encoding Takes You to Any Device, Anywhere

Not only does TikiLIVE make starting your own HD audio channels easier than ever, but it gives your audio the potential to reach more people and more places than ever before. With TikiLIVE’s HTML5 encoding, your streaming audio can be played back on any type of mobile device without any type of playback or compatibility issues, be it Android, iPhone, Windows tablet, or iPad. With these mobile devices now such a big part of everyday life, in all the things we do and the places we go, broadcasting to these devices makes so much more sense than the old way of broadcasting. TikiLIVE gets your HD audio to everywhere people work and play, all over the world.

Broadcast on Your Radio Channel

You can become a professional DJ from the comfort of your own home.

TikiLIVE has integrated third party applications like Virtual DJ, Winamp or SAM broadcaster that allow you to stream live using a microphone and audio media from your computer. You can broadcast on your radio station directly from your bedroom and create interactive shows with your listeners.

Facebook Makes Your Channels Easy to Find and Share

While it’s hard to say how many people actively search for new channels of streaming audio content on their mobile devices, the number of people who use their devices to engage with social media sites such as Facebook is staggering. That is why TikiLIVE gives Better Than Radio channels the ability to broadcast to Facebook and potentially reach its millions of users around the globe. For your broadcast channels, you can provide an embed code so users can share your channel to their sites or social media profiles as well. With so many Facebook users on the planet, people won’t have to go out of their way to discover and engage with your HD audio broadcast on their mobile devices because Facebook places your channels right in front of them and lets them share your channels with their friends.

Radio Channels Statistics Give You the Breakdown

Once your audio channels are live, you’re going to want to know which content is getting the most traction, and when. TikiLIVE’s Radio Channels Statistics page lays it all out for you, by channel and time period. See which of your playlists are getting the most plays, what size of audiences you’re reaching at which times of day, and how much bandwidth they are using. This information can help you learn which channels need tweaking to deliver the content you’re getting the most success with, and which playlists to consider shelving. This data is also invaluable in the event that you seek sponsorship for your radio channels. Potential underwriters are going to want to know which channels are reaching the most people, at which times. When you consider the number of iPhones, Android phones, and tablets your HD audio channels can reach, these statistics may very well pleasantly surprise you, and possibly even astonish you.

Let TikiLIVE Be Your HD Audio Partner

As with its high-definition video services, TikiLIVE is available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get your HD audio channels up and running. We are here to ensure that your audience has the highest quality listening experience available, whether from a Mac or PC or from a smartphone or tablet. Let us help you in your quest to reach listeners around the globe with HD audio channels that represent the true you, not some commercial entity employing you. Get started today and contact us if you have any questions!

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