May 29th, 2015

stb-yiyate-s802Many users who are new to the world of streaming content are only concerned with getting their video content visible as quickly as possible. However, as your content begins to become more popular, it is important to distribute that content quickly, but also to control who is accessing it and where.

Streaming providers offer a variety of solutions to handle your content, but TikiLIVE has revolutionized content management with the Master Operator device management software. There are a number of features that make this video content management software valuable to a professional online strategy.

Key Features of TikiLIVE Master Operator
The following are some of the features unique to TikiLIVE’s Master Operator content management software:

  • Full control over users per device – With today’s technology, your streamed content can no longer be pirated and distributed to hundreds (possibly even thousands) of unauthorized users without your knowledge. With TikiLIVE’s Master Operator you can control all content down to each individual device.
  • Activate multiple devices per household – Whether your users have one or more devices in their homes, you can easily control them all with this easy to use content management software.
  • Explicit control over distribution of content – We understand that your content is your livelihood. Therefore, we do everything in our power to protect it from unauthorized use. Thanks to our robust content management system, you are able to control the distribution of content down to a specific MAC address. We also offer Geo blocking if you are required to restrict access to content by geographical location.
  • Robust content delivery network (CDN) – Another benefit of partnering with TikiLIVE to handle your content needs is that you automatically gain access to our robust content delivery network. Our network has servers located all across the world to better serve your viewers depending on their location. We work hard to ensure that our network utilizes the latest in technology, which reduces buffering and delays seen with many other content providers. You don’t have very long to capture the attention of your viewing audience. Why waste this precious time delivering a poor viewing experience?
  • Seamless distribution of content across devices – With TikiLIVE’s Master Operator, you can upload your content once and have it be accessed across a myriad of devices with no additional effort. Whether your viewers access your content from the web, a smartphone, a tablet or a set top box, TikiLIVE allows you to upload your content to one platform and move on to creating more high-quality videos.
  • Platform to grow your user base – You are aware that TikiLIVE allows you to stream your content, but it also allows you to create a forum for your viewers to chat and exchange ideas. Through our variety of multimedia tools—including live chat—your users will enjoy connecting with others who are interested in the same type of video content.

Want to Learn More About the TikiLIVE Master Operator?
If you would like to learn more about what sets our content management software apart from the competition, please call us today at 305-743-6722.

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