July 28th, 2015

DVR-DisplayIt has been a busy summer at TikiLIVE headquarters. One of the many new features we’ve rolled out includes a fully functional DVR for our set top box devices. This allows users to record programming from our HD channels to be viewed later. We’re excited to open up this feature to our growing number of set top box users.

DVR Supported Across a Variety of STB Devices

TikiLIVE’s Android APK is supported across a wide range of STB manufacturers giving them all access to this new DVR functionality. While new manufacturers are added frequently, the current list of supported STB devices with DVR support include:

  • Geniatech
  • Jabil
  • MyGica
  • Shenzhen Letine Technology Co.
  • Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • YinHE
  • Peer TV
  • Yiyate
  • PC DVB
  • Gemcolor
  • Xinlinuo

DVR Content Stored in The Cloud

Another benefit of our new DVR solution is that users won’t have to worry about running out of space for their DVR content. Users can simply save their content to the cloud and then can control how long the content is kept before being deleted.

Other Features of TikiLIVE’s Android APK

Aside from the newly created DVR functionality, users will also be excited to hear about a number of other features for set top boxes using TikiLIVE’s Android APK STB software.

  • Updated Programming Guide – TikiLIVE’s Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) has been redesigned from the ground up, giving users a quick and easy way to access all of their content. This guide is much faster than guides that you’ve likely used from cable or satellite providers. One of our secrets is that we actually cache the EPG to avoid the long delays other providers introduce with their slow programming guides.
  • Large Library of Content – With our new DVR functionality you’ll be excited with all of the content that your users instantly have access to including over 120 channels of HD content as well as 10000 video on demand episodes. There’s no doubt that your users will have plenty of content to record with their set top boxes..
  • Branding Capabilities – Aside from the many functions of our set top box software, we also offer full branding capabilities to our clients. This allows an organization of any size to instantly have a fully featured IPTV network to stream to their users. While you likely have a web presence that helps to promote your brand, think about the benefits of being able to publicize a fully branded IPTV network for your users.
  • Faster Channel Changing and Surfing – The newest APK is 25% faster in channel changing and the speed of channel surfing is quite noticeable. Download the latest APK here.
  • Content Delivered via TikiLIVE’s Robust Network – If you’re looking to grow your user base through IPTV, the reliability and performance of your network is extremely important. With TikiLIVE, you never have to worry about your content quality dropping off as your videos become more popular. We offer a content delivery network with high-powered servers located around the world to help provide you with the most reliable IPTV solution on the market.

Want More Information About Our DVR Functionality?

If you’re interested in learning more about our DVR functionality for set top boxes, give us a call today at 305-743-6722 and we’ll be happy to go through how this new feature works!

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