June 29th, 2015

HTML5 Channel Manager Released in TikiLIVE 6.2.0You asked for the new features and functions and we responded with an all new Channel Manager that can be managed on all of your devices! That’s right the Channel Manager is fully HTML5 compatible.

What are some of the other major benefits of our Channel Manager? Let’s get under the hood and see what’s inside shall we?

  • Create & Update Playlists from Your Mobile Device. No PC or Mac needed to create your playlists. Create and manage your playlists easily from your mobile phone or device, instantly!
  • Ingest Advertisements Directly into Your Video Playlist – and Monetize. High traffic channels will earn you money.   The all new Channel Manager allows you to ingest VAST compatible ads directly into your playlists.  You have complete programmer control. You decide how many ads and where they are placed in your lineups.
  • Easy to Use Interface. We’ve worked hard on the latest release of our Channel Manager to create an interface that is powerful, yet easy to use. We’re sure that you’ll have mastered the new interface in just a few minutes.
  • Full Playout Support for Mobile and STB Devices. One of the beauties of HTML5 technology is that it is supported across a variety of devices. Whether your viewers access your content from a mobile device, a set top box, or even a media dongle, the new Channel Manager will be fully supported.
  • Updated Electronic Program Guide. Our brand new EPG is fully upgraded, allowing any changes to sync instantly through our scheduling platform. This allows the information that is updated on a mobile device to instantly be updated across all viewing platforms.

Other New Features of TikiLIVE 6.2.0

We have bundled a number of other major updates into the latest version of TikiLIVE. Below are a few of the features you’ll want to have installed on your next upgrade;

  • FAST Suggested Search. We have added to our latest version of a powerful search technology using Sphynx. This shortens search time while delivering the results FAST. Sphynx is the most powerful search algorithm technology today and now it’s in available to you in our latest release!
  • Device Control with TikiLIVE’s Master Operator. The newest Master Operator allows you to have full control over your users and manage each device they use to consume content. Master Operator offers an unprecedented ability to control what users may access from your content offers at all times.

Try Out TikiLIVE 6.2.0 Today!   You may test our latest version by logging into www.TikiLIVE.com free account.

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work on developing the latest TikiLIVE platform.

If you would like a back office demo or more information about what’s included in the latest release, please call us today at 305-743-6722.

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