January 20th, 2016

The Emergence of IPTV Providers

Over the past 10 years, the growth of satellite TV, the emergence of digital cable, and the birth of HDTV have all impacted the television landscape. The newer delivery method of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) via OTT (over the top) shakes things up even more powerfully by giving consumers an alternative way to view the content they love.

IPTV involves a system capable of receiving and displaying a video stream encoded as a series of Internet Protocol packets. If you’ve ever watched a video clip on your computer, you’ve used an IPTV system in its broadest sense. IPTV is here to stay as it offers more interactivity while being more affordable and delivering some competition to the big names in cable and satellite TV.

TikiLIVE allows you stream your favorite television programming with a user-friendly interface that is similar to the channel guides on cable and satellite TV. While video streaming is nothing new, cord cutters can now enjoy a comprehensive selection of television programming without depending on a conventional cable TV system. With IPTV, there isn’t much of case for keeping expensive cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

The internet bypasses the need for the cable service, and an IPTV subscription with TikiLIVE is more affordable with many advantages. Now you can stream live TV channels on any Internet-capable device and not just your TV. It’s television that is perfect for today’s very mobile, on the go society.

IPTV Channels For Everyone

iptv-providersThis is where the fun starts. There are many IPTV channels available with a TikiLIVE IPTV subscription and you’ll find many of the most popular networks right at your fingertips.

At TikiLIVE, we made sure that our IPTV channels reflected the actual shows and free catch up programming that millions of people tune into daily. There are the intriguing and always interesting TED Talks, with a newsmaker or thought leader featured. If news is your thing, you’ll enjoy the choices offered by CNN, CNBC, Fox News and all of the popular news channels that are at your disposal. Weather, sports, Animal Planet, BBC, A&E, CBS, CSpan, ESPN…they’re all here. With the variety of IPTV channels available at a fraction of the cost of conventional cable, TikiLIVE is proud to be one of the best IPTV providers who deliver OTT. If you have considered joining the cord cutting movement, TikiLIVE is a great way to help you get there.

Our goal at TikiLIVE is to be a value and quality driven IPTV provider that maintains all of the conveniences you have come to expect from your traditional cable or satellite TV provider. IPTV typically offers multiple capabilities, including Internet, television as well as telephones. IPTV is also available with a set top box for your TV if you prefer a more traditional TV watching experience.

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