July 17th, 2015

stb-image-01If your streaming content is beginning to gain in popularity online, you’re likely looking at ways to begin to cash in on this newfound success. One way to both broaden your viewing audience as well as open up new revenue opportunities is to create your own IPTV channel. In this blog we’ll explain IPTV in detail and also show you how you can use this new technology to further build your brand.

What is IPTV?

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a way by which streaming content is delivered to users over the Internet. Users can access IPTV from a variety of devices, but often times it is through what are called set top boxes. These devices connect to a normal TV, which then are used to stream online content.

Streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon pioneered this new form of digital media. As these providers have gained in popularity, other providers have also seen large success by creating IPTV channels. These large providers have figured out plenty of ways to generate income from their IPTV efforts – but have you?

Top Ways to Monetize Your IPTV Channel

While IPTV was once reserved for companies with unlimited bank accounts and resources, today almost anyone can create their own streaming content to be streamed to IPTV devices.

With providers like TikiLIVE you can easily create your own IPTV network that can even be labeled and branded to your liking. Aside from being able to stream your content to the world, you can also generate income based on the popularity of your content.

TikiLIVE offers a variety of monetization methods that can help you to generate income every time that someone views your content.

  1. Advertising

When you think of making money with video content online, advertising is likely one of the first things that comes to mind. We offer a variety of options when it comes to adding advertisements to your content.

  • Yume pre-roll ads: If you’ve watched any number of videos online you’ve likely seen short video commercials occasionally show up on the screen while a video is playing. You can insert these ads into your videos to generate income from your users.
  • Video Ads: Much like standard television, IPTV offers you the opportunity to insert video ads within your content. Thanks to TikiLIVE’s redesigned Channel Manager, you can easily insert ads of preset lengths in between video segments just like ads on a normal television network.
  1. Pay Per View Events

Based on the popularity of your content you can schedule a live event to be recorded and charge your viewers to access it through your IPTV channel. Depending on the loyalty of your viewing audience you can generate significant income by streaming your event online. This is on top of any ticket sales that you generate at the actual event itself.

  1. Video On Demand

Now that your event is over and you sold a large number of live event tickets as well as pay per view tickets you may think that your monetization methods have dried up. This is actually not the case thanks to TikiLIVE’s Video On Demand feature.

Instead of no longer being able to generate income after a recorded event has been completed, TikiLIVE allows you to offer your video content on demand for users to watch at anytime.

Many people may prefer to view your event long after it originally took place, which just means more money for you. Imagine being able to generate income today from an event that happened months or even years ago.

  1. Monthly Subscriptions

As of July 2014, Netflix cracked the 50 million subscriber mark. That is quite an accomplishment for a company that was thought to be a dinosaur as people stopped renting DVDs and started to watch more content online.

Netflix and other companies chose to utilize a subscription model to deliver an unlimited amount of fresh and relevant content to users. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have no doubt proven that a subscription model can work in the IPTV space.

If you are constantly releasing new content to your viewing audience, why not setup your own monthly subscription plans? This way your viewers can access all of your content for one low monthly fee.

Having recurring monthly income also makes it much easier to budget for normal business expenses as your IPTV channel grows.

  1. WordPress Shopping Cart

With each TikiLIVE account, users instantly have access to their own WordPress website. This allows users to create a professional looking website without all the technical know how that was once required to have an online presence of any kind.

With this free website, streaming providers can use the WordPress Shopping Cart system to sell a variety of things including merchandise online. This way you can generate revenue outside of simply streaming content.

Maybe your users are interested in a certain hobby or niche and you can capitalize on this need through your online shopping cart powered by WordPress and TikiLIVE.

  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the largest online advertising platform in the world. This platform allows you to easily insert advertisements into videos and websites.

TikiLIVE now offers full support for Google AdSense so that you can insert advertisements into your website and videos with the click of a button.

TikiLIVE Offers Monetization Methods Across Platforms

Whether your viewers are accessing your content from a set top box, computer, mobile phone or tablet, TikiLIVE allows you to generate income from your viewing audience. As your content becomes more popular, your income potential will only increase. Stop sitting on the sidelines and start turning your popular streaming content into real income. Sign up for a TikiLIVE account and start making money.

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