August 14th, 2015

Why Manufacturers Won't Pass Up the Opportunity to Use TikiLIVE’s IPTV SoftwareWith IPTV becoming more popular than ever, manufacturers are producing digital set top boxes at record speeds. However, the problem from a manufacturer’s perspective is that a company has to both develop top-of-the-line hardware and also create software that their user base can easily use. While some large companies may be able to accomplish this, not all manufacturers are ready and willing to take on the development of hardware and software.

For those companies that choose to focus on the hardware side of the set top box (STB) market, they need to partner with a company offering IPTV software that is compatible across a myriad of set top box devices.

The good news is that we’ve been at the forefront of the IPTV revolution for the past decade. We’ve long supported a variety of STBs — but have recently focused on improving our IPTV software and making it available to a wide variety of manufacturers.

This allows our manufacturing partners to focus on producing the highest quality set top boxes possible while we can focus on continuous improvements to our IPTV solution. Working together, we’re able to get our IPTV software in front of more “eyes” and set top box manufacturers are able to get more devices to market without any delays from issues developing software in-house.

TikiLIVE’s IPTV Software is Free to Manufacturers

Yes, you read that correctly! TikiLIVE’s IPTV software is absolutely free to STB manufacturers. Talk about a match made in heaven! To do so, set top box manufacturers simply build their devices like they’ve always done and then easily load TikiLIVE’s Android APK — which can then power their set top boxes with ease. A large number of manufacturers are already shipping their set top boxes preloaded with TikiLIVE software, including:

  • Jabil
  • Gemcolor
  • Geniatech
  • Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • MyGica
  • Peer TV
  • PC DVB
  • Xinlinuo
  • Shenzhen Letine Technology Co.
  • YinHE
  • Yiyate

Want to be included among these top STB manufacturers? Now is the right time to consider TikiLIVE’s IPTV software.

Top Features of TikiLIVE’s IPTV Software

Some of the features that set top box manufacturers seem to be most excited about include:

  • Support for a Variety of Devices – One of the main benefits of TikiLIVE’s IPTV software is that it can be used on a variety of set top boxes. TikiLIVE offers full support for dual and quad core Android STBs as well as a variety of HDMI dongles. This multi-device support allows manufacturers to offer a variety of set top boxes and media dongles, all powered by the same TikiLIVE IPTV interface.
  • Fast Electronic Program Guide (EPG) – Another feature that both set top box manufacturers and their customers will love is our updated electronic program guide. This guide is extremely fast and does away with all of the frustration most cable and satellite customers deal with, caused by a slow program guide. Our IPTV software users do not have to worry about that! Manufacturers who choose to use TikiLIVE’s IPTV software can harness the power of our EPG to organize content for their users. Our EPG is also fully HTML5 compliant, which means channel managers, can update their content listings from all types of devices including mobile phone and tablets.
  • Support for Multiple Languages – We understand that many set top box manufacturers sell and ship their devices to countries around the world. For this reason we’ve made sure that our IPTV software offers full support for the following languages:
    • Arabic
    • Bengali
    • Chinese
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Punjabi
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Thai
    • Urdu
    • Vietnamese

Through our support for a wide variety of languages, we instantly increase the customer base for set top box manufacturers as well as our streaming channel owners.

  • Significant Branding Opportunities – TikiLIVE’s IPTV software is white label. Therefore, manufacturers can brand our software with their logos to gain further exposure to customers. TikiLIVE offers a robust software development kit (SDK) that makes it extremely easy for manufacturers to brand TikiLIVE’s software without having to be well versed in complex coding.
  • Preloaded Demo Content – If set top box manufacturers are looking to show off the capabilities of their set top boxes, easily preload a variety of TikiLIVE content. This will allow users to quickly see the power of a manufacturers’ STB.
  • Revenue Opportunities – Not only can manufacturers benefit from not having to develop their own IPTV software, we’ll even share some of our revenue in exchange for featuring some of our premium content on their STB devices. This allows manufacturers to earn additional passive income simply by including some pre-made content from TikiLIVE.

End Users Also Benefit from TikILIVE’s IPTV Software

While manufacturers benefit from the ease of loading TikiLIVE’s IPTV software onto their devices, end users benefit as well for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • Viewers will have the availability to access TikiLIVE’s extensive channel lineup featuring high quality HD video content for a variety of different genres.
  • TikiLIVE has provided a high quality video streaming service for over 10 years. During this decade of serving our customers, we’ve developed a robust infrastructure of rock solid servers located across the world. Users are served content based on their location to reduce lagging and buffering that is common from many other streaming providers.
  • Users will quickly realize that they may not need their expensive cable and satellite service due to the wide variety of content offered by TikiLIVE as well as the ease of use of our IPTV software.

Interested in Learning More About IPTV or TikiLIVE?

If you’re a set top box manufacturer or just looking to learn more about the whole host of features offered by TikiLIVE, don’t hesitate to contact us today by phone at 305-743-6722 or through live chat or by email. We’ll show you how you can take your video campaign to the next level.

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