July 10th, 2008

Question 1: Exactly what is JamOnCam Software ?

Jamoncam is, quite simply, the best and most complete streaming video recorder and capture software system available today to let you deliver your Live or Pre-Recorded Audio/Video streaming and Chat content to your customers, and charge them on a Pay-Per-Minute or Pre-paid Block of Time Purchase basis to view that streaming video content. It is perfect for a variety of uses including online video entertainment such as streaming chat, movies, live events, and professional services including Live Advice sites, private video consulting, and beyond.

Question 2: How do my customers pay for the streaming video services my website is providing to them ?
Your customers will pay you by Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diners Club, etc.), online. Once they enter their credit card number and they are approved, your customers are given access to your recorded streaming video content or Live Performers for the length of time they purchased. They can instantly purchase more credits and add them to their wallet.

Question 3: How do I pay the Video Chat hosts and my Software Affiliates ? Exactly how does the billing and payment process work ?

First, your customers make a payment via their credit cards or online checking account to a 3rd party billing company such as iBill. This 3rd party billing company collects the funds and reports each and every sale to you in real-time. You are then paid every week by check or wire transfer to your bank account. Once you are paid, you then pay the Streaming Video Chat Hosts and Affiliates. It's up to you in deciding your pay periods.

Question 4: What billing companies do you work with for your video software ?

Our site works with just about every billing company including Netbilling, CCBill, IBill, Jettis, Signature, Paypal, Stormpay/BeaverPay, and others.

Question 5: What about chargebacks or fraud?

JamOnCam provides several IP checks as well as your billing company. We 'scrub' each and every transaction looking for fraudulent purchases. If a customer tries to make a purchase using a stolen card, or a credit card with no available credit, his purchase is automatically refused and the customer is not permitted to use your website's services. You are notified of each and every canceled sale, refusal or charge back, in real time. Once a charge back takes place, all fees are debited from the Performers and Affiliate (2-levels) making sure that your entire operation takes responsibility for the debit.

Question 6: Is JamOnCam compliant with rules imposed by MasterCard and Visa ?

Yes. We work closely with billing companies to make sure that all sites are 100% compliant with all rules and laws. These include strong limits on the types of video content that can be streamed to customers, acceptable wording and sales techniques, a no-spam policy, and more.

Question 7: Am I obliged to have any type of advertising of JamOnCam Software on my site ?

No. You do not have to advertise for JamOnCam or for JamOnCam Video Capture Software on your site if you do not wish to, but we appreciate it if you do.

Question 8: What Services do the JamOnCam.com / EyePartner.com companies provide ?

We provide the following types of services world wide.

  • Active media planning and consultation
  • Streaming tools and products for live and pre-recorded media streaming
  • Hosting and Streaming Load Balanced Services and Network
  • Customized solutions built to our clients specifications
  • Full or part time network management
  • Offshore software development
  • Human Resources of Full or part time IT Staffing

Question 9: What type of Products does JamOnCam provide ?

JamOnCam provides the best there is for streaming digital content of any size, to any number of viewers. As leaders on this market, we provide many highly-customizable software products:

  • The Broadcaster
  • The Live Pay-per-view Solutions
  • Video Email Solutions
  • Cinema
  • Video Bloggers
  • Mini Studio Video On Demand (VOD)

Question 10: Who can use these products ?
Anyone can use our products, from individuals and network administrators, to online consultants and business owners. With JamOnCam, you’ll be up and streaming digital content in no-time and in REAL time. With JamOnCam, you can stream BOTH live and recorded digital content, with integrated audio feeds. Moreover, your viewers do not need to download or install any type of software. They simply have to access your webpage and that’s it! You can communicate with them any way you want to: one-way (you stream audio and video content to your viewers) or two-way (you AND your viewers stream video content to each other including audio). We have selected products based on your requirements. Our products for streaming digital content have been developed for many types of users:

  • Intended for online networks streaming live and recorded digital content (The Live Pay-per-view Package)
  • Intended for online networks to allow members to share videos via email and or receive auditions from their audience (Video Emailer)
  • Intended for large online networks streaming live and recorded digital content to a large number of viewers at the same time (Broadcaster)
  • Intended for users recording and streaming digital content individually (Mini Studio)
  • Intended for online networks who wish to stream content in cinema mode where members may comment or vote on the media in real time (Cinema)
  • Intended for online networks who wish to add interactivity and streaming content while allowing members to leave comments (Video Blogger)
  • 100 simultaneous users at HIGH quality
  • 2500 simultaneous users at very LOW quality

Intended for online networks who wish to index, note and playback large amounts of media and playback for a large audience at one time (Streaming Base) With ANY of our products, you can stream digital content (audio AND video), live or recorded, to as many viewers as your network and hardware can handle. To learn more about how we load balance FMS please follow the link for Load Balancing Software explanations.

Questions 11: What is The Broadcaster ?
The Broadcaster is a product that can get you streaming digital content (audio and video, live or recorded, on-demand or pay-per-view) to any number of viewers at the same time, in real time. The Broadcaster is the top product developed by JamOnCam, leader in software for streaming digital content. The Broadcaster can deliver digital content to as many users as you want to, without those annoying software crashes you might have encountered at other software products. This product is Flash based and does not require your viewing audience to download any special software to enjoy the streams.

Question 12: What is the Live Pay-per-view Solution ?
The Live Pay-per-view Package is a software suite for streaming live or recorded digital content to your audience on a pay per view basis. It enables you to stream content and actually account for each of those streams. This system allows you to charge for the streams via per minute, per month, per use or any combination you wish.

Question 13: How do I receive the cash from each pay-per-view event or show ?
Members of your web site or network will register and purchase the credits necessary to view the content offered. They may do this by using a credit card, SMS billing or phone billing (such as calling a 900 number). Once the member pays the appropriate fees he/she will have funds in a secured electronic wallet. With these funds they are able to purchase media or an array of other items you may offer for sale. All funds are deposited into your bank account.

Question 14: What is the Mini-studio Flash Movie Maker Package ?
The Mini-studio Flash Movie Maker Package is a software package for recording and streaming digital content. Using the Mini-studio Flash Movie Maker Package means getting your digital content recorded and streamed directly to your viewers, in a trouble-free manner. It’s easy to stream content with the Mini-studio Flash Movie Maker Package, and it pays off. With this package you may load as much video content as you like, rent the content and even split the royalties with someone else if you wish.

Question 15: Can I test your software online ?
Of course you can. As leader in software for streaming digital content, JamOnCam lets you try the software before you buy it. Feel free to test drive our software at our videochat software demo page. Please keep in mind that we are a very active development group. We may not have all of our latest technologies posted for your review. If you would like to see a product or demonstration that is mentioned here, please contact us and we will direct you to a referring site where the product is being used.

Question 16: Can I customize your software ?
Yes, you can fully customize our software packages. It is all up to your digital content streaming needs. You simply have to tell us how your software should be like, and we deliver the package and the technical assistance needed.

Question 17: Can I white label your software ?
Yes, you may white label any of our software packages we offer. All you have to do is explain the requirements needed here. We will provide you with white labeled software or service customized exactly for your streaming needs. No one will ever know that your network streams digital content based on JamOnCam software. Don’t forget, we can also provide you with full technical assistance for your white label software as long as you like. Further, JamOnCam also provides you with dedicated assistance in software setup along with service management.

Question 18: Can you explain the pros and cons of using flash over java?

There are many reasons to choose Flash over JAVA. First, supporting applications is less costly than JAVA. Most PCs nowadays do not come loaded with JAVA. Added downloads and support is required for your chat hosts (broadcasters). Flash is much more efficient in handling audio (standard MP3) unlike JAVA. With Flash the video/audio uses the same stream and is much less processing power. You should require that streams be as fluid as possible and in synchronies with the voice (talking heads). The JamOnCam solution delivers synchronized steaming of video and audio feeds. Further, Flash is also much more efficient and will save you on large hosting fees. JAVA solutions are also much more server/bandwidth intensive and this cost you money. The bottom line is Flash based solutions are much easier to support and will save you money hosting fees. Here is a calculator to help you save money on managed hosting. Go to bandwidth calculator page for explanations.

Question 19: What other things can I do with Flash based solutions such as JamOnCam ?

The JamOnCam Flash based solutions allow for group chat, private chat, whisper chat and stadium mode viewing. This means you can allow members join streams in session. The user may pay a fee to view and listen but not participate in the chat session. This is much like sitting in a stadium seat. Our clients offer the stadium mode to members for a fee. For instance our client's have witnessed up to 18 people viewing via stadium mode with billing of $0.80 per minute. Using the JamOnCam powerful solutions can be great for your streaming business.

Question 20: What type of Servers do you recommend for hosting a JamOnCam application ?

We suggest dual processors for your FMS (Flash Media Server). We also recommend that your solution be structured and poised for growth with the capacity to load balance your events. Most products or service providers do not have the capacity to load balance your video and audio streams. This could mean serious trouble down the road. Before you sign a hosting agreement it’s highly suggested that you ask your new hosting provider if they have the experience and capacity to load balance FMS. As you know streaming of live and pre recorded events is getting more and more popular by the day. The last thing you need is a situation in which you cannot grow your business due to a poor hosting provider choice.

Question 21: What is Flash Content Load Balancing and why do I need it ?

Flash Content Load Balancing is a top level application which enables broadcasters to stream digital content to any number of viewers (hundreds, thousands and so on), at the same time. As your needs grow we add streaming servers to the network. The loads are balanced over the entire streaming network for efficiency and speed. Our Load Balancing solution is an application provided exclusively by JamOnCam. As your streaming needs grow high level FMS load balancing will be required. No other company can provide this service, at such low prices. To learn more about how we load balance FMS please follow the link for Load Balancing Software explanations.

Question 22: Does JamOnCam offer hosting services and can JamOnCam give us some advice on setting up one or more streaming servers ?

We offer several managed hosting packages with additional custom options. We gladly advise our customers to aid in the successful growth of their business.

Question 23: How long does it normally take to setup a full pay per view solution from JamOnCam ?

This depending on the design, customizations, merchant, size of the events to broadcast and modules you order from us. As you can see there are many factors to decide before we can give you and exact timeline of when your product will be ready and your broadcasting can begin. With that said, in most cases we can have a JamOnCam solution loaded and streaming in 7 to 20 days. Added modules and customizations do have defined timelines that we establish on the onset of the order. You are never left in the dark on how long a customization shall take to complete.
To learn more about the JamOnCam modifications and custom development please follow these links: JamOnCam Modules available for live broadcasting software. EyePartner Offshore Custom Development.

Question 24: What if we wish to modify the JamOnCam products ourselves? Do we have the code in order to do so ?

You may add external links and buttons if you wish. Most of the JamOnCam products will come with a template editor. You will have access to this from the Administration back office. If you have a basic knowledge of html, you should not have a problem with your site modifications. If needed we are here to support you and train you how to modify or change your design of your JamOnCam steaming portal. You receive 12 months of support from JamOnCam.

Question 25: Can we hire JamOnCam to broadcast our event ?

Yes you have come to the right place! As needed we can provide a broadcasting solution on a per event, per month basis. We can also develop a custom program that offers a combination of the two. We can even assist you with post production and staffing your event if you like. Please contact us here and give us the details of your event. Make sure to include as many details as you can in order for us to estimate the project for you. Remember, our solutions are very flexible and may include live streaming and pre recorded archival of streams for later viewing.

Question 26: How much does it cost per stream to broadcast an event? Can you give me a cost per thousand viewers ?

Yes and please refer to the calculator on our site in order to receive accurate streaming cost per user or cost per thousand users (CPM). Please follow this link for sizing your streaming, broadcasting and storage needs: bandwidth calculator

Question 27: What kind of Server requirements am I going to need in terms of size, what kind of connection, T1, DSL…, and what operating system should I use ?

Hosting your streams takes a lot of power. The streaming servers are configured at the data centers where all others access it. The servers shall need fast twin processors with a minimum of 4GB of RAM. You should have enough disc space on the hard drive if you wish to use the VOD (video on demand) movie rentals option to stream the pre-recorded shows.

Question 28: We have hired a host for our talent shows from where she is stationed overseas. Are there any special requirements for our broadcasting host? Is there any special equipment that they need to buy in order to use the JamOnCam solutions ?

No, not at all. The only things that are needed are a Windows XP or Mac with a browser that supports Flash (about 98% of them do). Also they will need a medium or high quality Video Cam with a microphone to stream audio. A Internet connection with an upstream of 128kbs. If you require better quality of streams and plan on hosting multiple people at the same location you should consider increasing this to 312kbs, 512kbs or even more if possible.

Question 29: Would I as an owner/operator be able to go in and view my chat host performers when they are in a private session with a paying customer? Would I be able to watch what they are doing without them knowing that I am there ?

Yes! As the Administrator of your site you can send messages to the Chat Hosts and even kick them out of a session if they are breaking a company policy. You can be visible or invisible and this is up to you.

Question 30: Besides a hosting fee is there any other fees that I’m expected to pay on a monthly/bi-monthly basis ?

No. You own your license once you pay for it. There are no maintenance fees for the first 12 months. This covers all upgrades to and bug fixes or patches to your license. After 12 months you may elect to order a maintenance package from us but this is optional.

Question 31: Can I start with your entry level license and upgrade to a larger license at a later time along with adding additional modules at a later time? Would I be charged the difference in the entry level and larger licenses? How will this work ?

You may add upgrades and additional modules at any time without penalty. Once payment is made, we simply upgrade your licenses and your ready to go.

Question 32: I have heard of such a thing as cloning a website is this true? What does that mean ?

We can “clone” another site and design into a site the same features you can find on your competitors websites. This is called cloning. If you desire a design or feature or method used, we can do this for you. It will look identical and work as specified by you.

Question 33: What are my Maximum connections that I can broadcast per server ?

You have unlimited connections when you use our FMS. If you have a copy of FMS from Adobe, they will give you a few figures based on a Pro FMS license basis. We allow you to use our Unlimited FMS license under the Hosting Agreement you hold with us.

Further, you can expect to change the settings and receive the top connections based on quality. Adobe bases their answer on this based on quality of the stream and the power and RAM of your server. Eventually the server will fail if the power is not sufficient to sustain the bandwidth and users coming to the site. In this case you shall have to upgrade to the next level of server(s). Many of our clients find it necessary to split the server into (2) or even more servers and install FMS load balancing in order to handle the increased traffic.

As you may recall we offer many upgrades in servers to increase simultaneous users. We do offer upgrades to you so that you shall have maximum users at the best possible quality.

Question 34: What speed of the connections are guaranteed ?

We give you 100Mbs guaranteed per server

Question 35: What is my peak bandwidth ?

We give you Unlimited and you may spike to whatever level you need -up to 100Mbs sustained per server.

Question 36: I would like to start off with the entry level package of the pay per view license and I would like to know what I would be receiving in this package.

You receive everything to get you started including unlimited logins for end users to chat with your Chat Hosts. We will provide you with the program installed and working on a hosting account at JamOnCam. We will provide programming for the member and merchant account setup for the pay-per-view areas. We will design the portal that best fits your needs. Provide you with some training and offer you a support ticket login for any questions you may have.

We will introduce you to many specialized (optional) modules that you may want to install now or at a later time. From there you will be operational in your very own video broadcasting operation. We can also develop very specialized custom applications for you if so desired.

To lean more about the tools we use please follow these two links:

Click here to contact us for information

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