July 10th, 2008

First Main Package: Live Pay-Per-View Solutions

The complete software solution for streaming digital content built for video on demand service providers with integrated Pay-Per-View, Pay-Per-Minute, and Pay-Per-Month Pay by phone billing options, plus accounting and referral management systems.

Second Main Package: Live Broadcasting

The tailor-made package for live or recorded webcasting, based on a customizable system, is suitable for news, training or announcement broadcasts.

Complete information for JamOnCam live entertainment software is available at www.jamoncam.com (for live entertainment software presentation) and www.adultwebcamsoftware.com (for adult video chat streaming software). For additional information please contact us.

Third Main Package: Custom Applications

-> Offers real benefits to businesses, created specifically to meet your requirements
-> The solution can be adapted for intranets, extranets and other e-Business systems
-> Be everywhere instantly through the power of rich multimedia applications

New Rich Media:

-> Technology enhanced by a full range of new media solutions
-> Up-to-date video streaming and duplication systems
-> Top edge programming: Live chat systems , illustrations, 3D animation and much more


-> Onpage or offpage consultation with software purchase
-> We work on site with your existing in-house team, bringing our expertise to surpass your greatest expectations

Working together with the customer to provide state of the art solutions that fit perfectly to solve any problems. JOC expert team offers real benefits to our partner’s businesses. We bring our wealth of expertise, cultivated through 15 years of experience, to assist your organizations success and profitability.

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