April 28th, 2015

Live Stream Your Awards Show and Reach a Larger Audience!Do you have an awards show coming up to honor your group or organization? If so, you likely want to market this event to gain exposure for your organization and to help build your brand. One way that event planners are not only getting the word out about award shows, but also increasing interest in these events is by live streaming them to the world.

Take a look at a few tips to help you reach larger audiences for your next awards show through a live stream.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Next Awards Show

1. Offer a True Red Carpet Experience

No matter the size of your organization or event, everyone loves dressing up and being pampered. Why not create a true red carpet experience for your next awards show? Encourage your attendees to dress in their best attire and arrive early for candid shots on the red carpet.

Depending on how much time you have before your awards show you may even be able to secure sponsors for the red carpet that will be more than happy to pay to have their logos appear in the backdrop of your red carpet photos.

When you tell your audience that they will be featured on a live stream this will likely create even more buzz that will hopefully generate more people attending your awards show as well as watching it online.

2. Reach a Larger Mobile Audience

Mobile Internet usage has seen a huge uptick over the past few years. In fact, more people are accessing the Internet from their mobile phones than they are from their computers.

By partnering with a high quality streaming provider like TikiLIVE you can ensure that your awards show will not only be able to be streamed to computers but also to all types of mobile devices as well.

Whether your audience wants to view your show from a smartphone, tablet, computer or set top box, TikiLIVE’s technology will provide a tailored experience that is sure to be a hit for all.

3. Combine Awards Show With Fundraising Opportunities

With a typical awards show you may be looking to raise money from the various attendees. By live streaming your awards show you can open up all sorts of fundraising opportunities to each and every viewer, which allows you to reach many more people than can fit inside a typical auditorium or banquet hall.

No longer are you limited by how many tickets you can sell to your awards show. With live streaming your fundraising opportunities are virtually limitless.

4. Generate Buzz about Your Awards Show Through Social Media

A successful awards show is all about the buzz that you can create leading up to the big event. Fancy invitations and regular email correspondence leading up to the event can go a long way, but social media marketing offers even more opportunities.

With invitations and even email correspondence you are limited to a list of names that you’ve likely spent years cultivating. With a simple social media update you can reach a whole array of people that you’ve never spoken to before, which allows you to instantly reach a larger audience without spending a fortune on marketing.

In fact, if your current user base are devoted followers they will likely share your posts to generate even more interest in your awards show. Combining social media with a live stream of your awards show can really create a lot of free publicity surrounding your event.

Think about the opportunities of having someone constantly updating your social media profiles during the awards show to generate even more buzz!

5. Partner With a Live Streaming Provider Focused on Quality

If you’re looking to live stream your next awards show, you want to ensure that you are partnering with a company that has experience with streaming audiences of all sizes. At TikiLIVE we’ve been in the streaming business for over a decade and utilize a network of servers to handle the demands of even the most popular of live streaming events.

You won’t have to worry about whether the quality of your streaming event will wane as more people login to view your content when you use TikiLIVE. In fact, with our secure content delivery network, we are confident that you’ll be satisfied at the high level of video quality that your audience will experience throughout your next awards show.

6. Grow Your Audience Around the Globe

With an in-person awards show you can only reach the number of people that can fit in a certain venue. This physically limits your audience to a local geographical area. With a live stream this limitation is instantly lifted.

If you have fans and group members located around the world they can easily stream your awards show wherever they are located. In fact, TikiLIVE has a network of servers located around the world to ensure that no matter where your users are located their viewing experience will be top notch.

7. Archive Your Event For Future Use

Wouldn’t you like to archive your awards show for future use? Maybe you’d like to use portions of the stream for promotional materials or just to look at prior to next year’s show.

Whatever the reason, with TikiLIVE you can easily record your live stream to be viewed later. If you’d like you can even charge others to view the recorded stream in case they missed the live event.

Ready to Live Stream Your Awards Show?

By now we hope you have heard enough reasons why it makes sense for you to stream your next awards show. If you still have questions about any of the details on how to live stream your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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