December 29th, 2014

Live Stream Your Next Conference and Save MoneyAs companies look to adapt to the constantly changing economic and technological landscape, many challenges arise. Some companies have done a great job of harnessing the latest technological innovations to improve processes and even save money, while others have continued to struggle to adapt to the changing world around us. Has your company been able to adapt to the latest technology and use it to stay relevant and profitable?
One way that companies are cutting costs and improving efficiencies in the workplace is through the use of live video streaming for conferences. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of this emerging technology and show you how you can also join the ranks of the companies that are using live streaming technology to conduct conferences with employees and even customers around the world.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Next Conference

• Cost Savings
It is important to watch every business expense to ensure that no money is going to waste. However, minimizing the cost of attending and hosting conferences can be pretty difficult. Sure, a company could refuse to attend, but this would create resentment among employees and ultimately hurt morale – not to mention deprive them of new ideas and skills that could benefit your business in the long run. The problem remains that travel, lodging, food, and other costs add up quickly. Even if the conference is just an internal company wide event, if you have multiple locations you are looking at significant expenses before you even rent the venue.

By utilizing live streaming technology you can avoid the majority of the costs that go into planning and executing a traditional conference. Simply create video content and stream it to anyone you’d like to attend. Content can be pre-recorded or streamed live, but either way you’ll be able to open up your conference to many more people than a standard venue could even support. If your company is hosting a conference for your own employees, you now can allow each and every one of your employees to attend virtually, even those in lower paying positions.

• Convenience
Streaming your next conference online is all about convenience. Live streaming doesn’t just save you money, it also saves you time and other important resources. If you are putting on a conference somewhere away from your corporate headquarters you have to put someone in charge to handle all of the many details regarding the venue, any speakers, catering and much more. By streaming your conference online, you can potentially avoid the majority of these headaches. Simply stream your conference from your office and bring in relevant speakers as you see fit. This should allow you to put on a high quality conference with very little stress.

• Environmental Benefits
Think about the many environmental benefits that can result from streaming your conference online. You will no longer need to fly people across the country and you can even save on all of the printed material that is typically distributed at a traditional conference. Provide your handouts in digital format along with your online video conference to allow you to not only save money, but save trees and the environment as well. Who can argue with these types of significant savings?

• Analytics
Do you have any sort of metrics to determine how well your in-person conferences were received by your employees or customers? The answer is likely not. By streaming your conference you can see detailed analytics and determine which areas of your conferences are the most well received and which parts you may be able to trim for next year’s event. In fact, if you really want to get creative you can create online questionnaires following the conference to get valuable input as to which parts of the conference were the most popular.

• Location Independence
In today’s fast paced business climate, employees are often viewing location independence and flexible work schedules as more important than income. By offering your conferences online you can allow your employees with remote work arrangements to still attend and feel like they are a part of the team. Employees or participants who work from home can easily attend video conferences from the comforts of their own homes as opposed to having to hop on a plane to travel across the country. You can offer these online conferences as another benefit, which many of your employees or employees will likely appreciate.

• On Demand Recordings
Are you always having trouble training new employees due to the complicated nature of your business? What better way to train new employees than by having them watch recorded videos of conferences where you shared extremely important information about your company? And not just conferences, any training videos you may already have can be uploaded and stored, so employees have access to these materials anytime they need them.

• Participation From Virtual Attendees
How many times have you looked out in the crowd at a conference to find the majority of people nodding off or playing with their phones? With online video conferences you can ensure this doesn’t happen by requiring your employees or participants to complete certain quizzes or questionnaires after watching your streaming content. This will encourage participation and help your participants to actually retain the information that you are presenting.

• Desktop Screen Sharing
Using HD Wave Deskshare, you can stream live HD content and publish your desktop at the same time. If you’re hosting a training session or video conference and want to highlight, explain, or show someone how to do something, you can actually do so by sharing your desktop. This means that anyone watching your live stream can follow along with you and see exactly what you see on your computer screen. Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode allows you to stream your webcam feed and your desktop simultaneously to provide the ultimate conference experience.

Ready To Stream Your Conference Online?

If you are ready to stream your next conference online, TikiLIVE offers a suite of solutions that will have you be up and running in minutes. Whatever level of service and support you need, TikILIVE has the robust infrastructure and committed customer service staff to handle your needs. To learn more about streaming your next conference and how it can save you money, contact us today!

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