June 23rd, 2014

Secure Live Event Streaming Services for Governmental AgenciesAs the federal government begins to consider ways to cut the deficit, government agencies are leading the charge by reviewing how they can work smarter. One way to do this is by looking at how new cutting edge technology can help eliminate traditional and costly ways of conducting the nation’s business. Government agencies can trim their budgets by incorporating high definition digital video streaming into their routine and infrastructure.

Digital technology has gotten so sophisticated and affordable, that it is now possible to produce high definition digital video at low cost. Additionally, the widespread presence of broadband internet means that nowadays, just about everyone has the ability to view high definition video on their desktop, mobile device, and television. All that’s really needed now is a company that is able to provide a hosting solution and that’s where TikiLIVE comes in.

TikiLIVE is THE hosting solution for government agencies. We have a strong infrastructure that will host your video content securely and deliver it without drop-offs in audio and video quality or interruptions due to streaming issues. We provide our clients with a powerful set of tools and options to customize their broadcast channels. When you use TikiLIVE’s content delivery network, you can be confident that your viewers will get the best possible viewing experience available.

Live Event Video Streaming Benefits

There are many benefits to live event video streaming with TikiLIVE.
First, live event streaming can help reduce travel and lodging costs that are associated with stakeholders who are not local to the event location. By eliminating gas, plane tickets, car rentals, food, etc; a company or governmental agency participating in the event can save significant money. This can have a dramatic impact on budgets for government agencies and any federal contractors doing work for the government.

Secondly, live event video streaming is a great way to initiate meetings and conferences quickly. If you need to confer with a colleague who is halfway around the country, you can do that with a webcam, a desktop, and TikiLIVE. If you have a larger meeting with more than two people, you can also use the internet protocol television option for a large screen viewing. This live video meeting can allow you to engage with coworkers quickly to discuss outstanding business and to make adjustments to any job performances.

Additionally, TikiLIVE makes sure that your streaming video is secure. This is especially important due to the sensitivity of government communication and its subject matter. TikiLIVE technological experts make sure that your streaming video can’t be hacked or monitored. You can use TikiLIVE with confidence knowing that your live streaming video is always secure.

TikiLIVE’s Pay per View Tools

Another great feature that TikiLIVE has for our users is the ability to monetize their streaming video. Should a government agency hold a priced event that is open to the public or the business community, that event can generate additional money by being broadcasted online. When people don’t have to worry about the hassle of travel, even when they’re local to the event, the event has even greater appeal. With the advent of Internet Protocol Television, someone can attend a conference or a seminar simply by sitting on their couch on accessing your broadcast channel via a Roku device or even a mobile phone or tablet. TikiLIVE gives you the following tools to help generate revenue and offset budget cuts.

Ticket Sellers – This option will allow you to designate proxies selected by you to help sell tickets to the event. This can just be an individual user or a group of users that you pick.

Live Event Broadcast Pricing – Live events typically cost money for transmission and ticketing vendors. Our tool helps you determine the price breakdown, so you can estimate your event to reach your targeted financial goals. The tool will allow you to see where each dollar and cent goes in your ticket price.

Live Event Broadcasting Management – This tool allows you to program the upcoming live event on your channel. By using this feature, you’ll be able to set the event on the channel playlist so your viewers are aware of what is coming up on your broadcast schedule. This can help get the word out for your event and further increase demand and ticket sales.

Ticket Management – We provide our customers with a ticket listing page that will allow you to view who purchased tickets and what merchants were used for completing the transaction. Additionally this system allows you to refund tickets if necessary or provide free tickets to certain individuals.

Customer Satisfaction Resolution – Despite the best laid plans, sometimes a viewer has a problem getting access to a pay per view event. TikiLIVE provides you with a tool to resolve customer disputes. You’ll be able to view such important information as the purchaser’s name, the technical difficulty, the merchant who processed the ticket sale and more. If you can’t resolve the technical issue during the event, you’ll be able to refund the purchaser their ticket price.

Additional Vendors –TikiLIVE makes sure you work with reputable ticketing vendors. Our Merchant Setup page provides you with a selection of merchants that are integrated into our platform. Once you or a user select a merchant, the Available Merchant page will show pertinent information including the date the merchant was added, who added the merchant, and if there are any outstanding actions.

Complimentary Access – TikiLIVE’s Grant User Ticket option allows you to provide free access for viewers. This can be a valuable tool to help increase access for federal contractors who are integral to your government agencies and build closer relationships with a variety of stakeholders.

Live Customer Service for your Live Events

TikiLIVE backs up our robust infrastructure and hosting solutions with world class customer service. In fact, we believe that it’s our greatest service aside from our state of the art content delivery network. We train our customer support staff to proactively address potential customer issues whenever possible. Our representatives will be happy to talk with you about a customized hosting package if our standard offerings don’t quite align with your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about what TikiLIVE can do for you.

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