March 17th, 2015

Create Your Own Live Streaming Channels OnlineOne of the greatest things about the internet is that it allows people from all walks of life and interests to provide information for others to access. Whether you are into gaming, anime, computer programming, horseback riding or anything else there is likely hundreds of web sites dedicated to your niche.

If you think you may have something that the world would like to see when it comes to a certain niche, why not think about streaming content to others online? If you’ve never done anything like this before, fear not as we’ll show you in this guide how to create your own live streaming channels online through TikiLIVE.

What is TikiLIVE?

TikiLIVE is a streaming provider that allows you to easily stream all types of video content to other users without any technical experience. Through a vast network of servers located all across the world, TikiLIVE allows you to upload content that can then be viewed by your following through all types of devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and even set top boxes.

TikiLIVE allows you to create individual channels that can be shared and accessed by your users. Think of a TikiLIVE channel as similar to a television channel where the content often is related. Maybe you are interested in video games or comic books. With TikiLIVE you can easily create your own channel revolving around your interests and allow others around the world to view your content.

Why Choose TikiLIVE to Host Your Content?

We understand that you have a whole host of options when it comes to choosing a streaming provider for your content. With a variety of both free and paid streaming services, it is often difficult to know who to choose when it comes to hosting your content. At TikiLIVE, we feel that our unique blend of features coupled with our commitment to customer service allow us to distance ourselves from many of our competitors. A few features that we are most proud of include:

Mobile Access Capabilities

A 2013 study from IDC found that almost 80% of people between the ages of 18–44 have their phones with them 22 hours a day. This is an incredible statistic and shows just how important the mobile user is to our global economy. If you’re streaming content online, it would be a huge mistake to not offer a wide variety of options for your mobile users. With TikiLIVE, we offer full HTML5 support allowing all of your mobile users to easily stream your video content from mobile devices. Whether your users access your content from a smartphone, tablet or computer, your videos will be displayed without issue.

Customer Service That is Second to None

We may be biased, but we think that our customer service team is undoubtedly the best in the business. We work extremely hard to always be available to answer any customer questions through a wide variety of communication platforms. While most companies stop at simple email when it comes to customer support, we offer email as well as phone support and live chat so that we can always be available regardless of how you contact us.

Monetization Options

If your videos become popular, you will likely want to try to monetize this success. At TikiLIVE we offer several options when it comes to generating income from your streaming success. Whether you would like to add advertising to your videos or begin charging to view your live broadcasts or recorded videos, we can easily make that all happen. Through our easy-to-use interface you can setup multiple monetization methods to take advantage of your growing audience.

Live Chat

Just as we’ve seen success from adding live chat as a support option for our customers, we’ve also added live chat capabilities into our user accounts. This allows you to connect with your users prior to your video broadcasts. Think about how excited your users will be to have access to you prior to your broadcast.

These are just a few of the many features that are available with our TikiLIVE accounts. If you are interested in creating your own streaming channel follow the simple steps below.

How to Create Your Own Streaming Channel Online

With TikiLIVE, creating your own streaming channel is incredibly easy. By following these simple steps, you can create a channel and be streaming content to your fans in only a matter of minutes.

After signing up for an account with TikiLIVE, you can create your own live video channel by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your TikiLIVE account
2. Click on the “Live Channels” link under the Channels menu
3. Under “Manage Channels” click on the “New Channel” button
4. Now you will see a form that will allow you to create your own TikiLIVE channel. This form features the following options:
a. New Channel Name – Insert the name for your channel
b. Upload Channel Logo – Upload a logo that will be used as your channel’s thumbnail.
c. Description – Insert a short description of the channel that will be viewed by your users.
d. Set Category – Select a relevant category from the drop down menu.
5. Now that you’ve entered all of the information about your channel, it’s important to click “Save Channel” to save all of the data that you entered.
6. Click “Start Broadcasting” to begin streaming content on your very own TikiLIVE channel.

Contact TikiLIVE Today With Any Questions About Creating a Live Streaming Channel

Although we’ve laid out the steps to create a live streaming channel on our TikiLIVE platform, we understand that you still may need assistance. Give our streaming experts a call today at 305-743-6722 and we’ll have you up and running with your very own live streaming channel in only a matter of minutes!

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