June 9th, 2015

photographer-301533_640Being an internet broadcaster means freedom. Freedom from having to staff your channel around the clock. Freedom from having to hope people see your videos or hear your audio content at a scheduled time. And the freedom to share your content around the globe, around the clock to reach the widest possible audience at a manageable cost.

With all the potential that internet broadcasting offers, creating a channel that continuously streams your content 24 hours a day, seven days a week must be a complicated, expensive proposition, right?

Not with TikiLIVE!

Our robust and dependable content delivery infrastructure, easy-to-use drag-and-drop programming interface, and cloud-based encoding make your high-definition content playable on any device or set-top box — around the clock and around the world.

Set up a 24-hour continuous stream of content in less time and at a lower cost than you thought possible with TikiLIVE.

Live Playlists: Drag-and-Drop Simplicity for Powerful Results

Once you’ve created your content, the hard part should be over. That’s why we’ve developed a playlist interface so simple to use that there’s no need to enlist a computer guru to manage how your content gets out into the world.

With TikiLIVE’s Live Playlists, you see a timeline and a list of your content files that you’ve uploaded and encoded. Simply drag your file to the place on your timeline when you want the file to stream, then release the mouse.

Repeat until all 24 hours of your timeline is filled with your videos or audio tracks just where you want them.

Change your mind about what time a video should play? No problem! Just click it and drag it to where you want it. You can even crop a video that’s already in your playlist if you need to shave off a little time.

TikiLIVE makes content playlists so easy to create and manage that you can spend more of your time creating content and less time figuring out how to broadcast it.

Assign Your Playlist to a Channel and Go Live!

Once you have your continuous stream saved to a playlist, all that remains is for you to assign your playlist to one of your TikiLIVE channels.

Creating a channel with TikiLIVE is another incredibly easy process (Are you sensing a pattern here?).

Simply click Create Channel under TikiLIVE’s Go Live menu and give your channel a name, description, and category.

Once your channel is saved, it is available for assigning your playlists to it. Simply click Assign Video Playlists (or Assign Audio Playlists for internet radio), select the channel where you want the content in the playlist to stream, and click Publish Playlist.

From there, you just go to the Manage Channels page, select the channel and click Broadcast Now.

Just like that, your 24-hour stream is live in high definition on iOS and Android devices and set-top boxes everywhere!

TikiLIVE’s Powerful Analytics Tools Tell You When Your Content Is Being Seen

While it’s great just knowing that TikiLIVE is putting your continuous stream of digital content out into the world, sometimes it’s helpful to have more information about when and how it’s being consumed.

To help you understand how TikiLIVE is working for you, we provide statistics on each of your channels including…

  • Number of viewers/listeners in a given time period
  • How long they stayed
  • Amount of bandwidth consumed

…and other valuable information that can help you make decisions about your broadcasting.

See which content is gaining traction and see which areas in your playlist could use some refinement. See which days and times are the best candidates for effective advertising!

Turn the Eyes on Your Content Into Revenue with TikiLIVE’s Ecommerce Tools

To help support your channels and content creation, we offer a number of options to help you monetize your content.

TikiLIVE integrates OpenX text video overlay ads and video ads, as well as Google AdSense to help make your 24-hour stream a source of revenue.

In addition, TikiLIVE also has tools for making your content available by monthly subscription and collecting the funds.

Use the WordPress Shopping Cart to sell digital downloads of your content.

And should you ever want to insert a live, pay-per-view event into your programming, TikiLIVE has the tools to sell tickets and deliver the event to paid customers only.

Promote Your Content With TikiLIVE’s Social Media Integration

Once your 24-hour stream is up and running, drive viewership and listenership using TikiLIVE’s social media tools. With one click, get the word out about your channel or post sample content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms. Maintain a chat page or user forum for your channel. Build a WordPress site for your channel blog. With TikiLIVE, promoting your channel is as easy as broadcasting it.

Run Into a Snag? We’re Here to Support Our Broadcasters

We’ve built TikiLIVE to be as robust, stable and user-friendly as possible, but there may be times where you need a little help getting and staying on the air. When this happens, TikiLIVE’s support team is never further than a click or a call away.

The minute you visit us, our Talk To Us window appears in the lower left of your screen with a list of support options. You can consult TikiLIVE’s comprehensive knowledge base, click to chat live with a support specialist, call the TikiLIVE support line or send an email for less urgent matters. Whichever is your preferred way of getting help, TikiLIVE has got your back, and we’re dedicated to keeping your channels working flawlessly.

So what’s keeping you from broadcasting your content on the Internet 24/7? With TikiLIVE, it’s fun, easy and effective. For more information on how TikiLIVE can help you take to the Internet “airwaves,” call us at (305) 743-6722.

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