March 13th, 2015

Live Streaming Providers: Why You Should Choose TikiLIVEIf you are looking for ways to stream your content online you are likely aware that you have hundreds of options—from free streaming providers to purchasing dedicated servers to host and distribute your own content. At TikiLIVE we may be a bit biased when it comes to offering advice on live streaming providers, but we do try to be transparent in providing tips as to what to look for in a streaming provider and what you should avoid at all costs.

Yet Get What You Pay For With Free Streaming Providers

When you are looking for live streaming providers, you will quickly realize that there are a number of providers that will host your video content for absolutely free. While this may sound great at first, there are several things that you should keep in mind when choosing a free streaming provider.

Streaming & Broadband Issues

It can be difficult for free streaming providers to anticipate growth due to the fact that anyone can create and add content at any time. This means that your content will be hosted on servers that are hosting content from thousands of other content providers. You will have little control when it comes to the speed of your content because if a user who is sharing server space with you happens to have content go viral, the speed of your content will certainly suffer. Free providers are not focused on a smooth and efficient viewing experience for their users; they are more focused on generating as many users as possible to then generate advertising income.

Advertising Conflicts of Interest

The technology used by large companies such as Google and YouTube when it comes to tracking your browser history is nothing short of spooky. The same can be said for advertisements that litter the pages of free streaming providers. A provider like YouTube makes significant money from advertisements that can appear alongside or even within your video content. This can create a conflict of interest in that YouTube may be serving up advertisements in your videos that compete with the products or services that you are offering. How would you feel if your users were offered a competing company’s services that were less expensive right from within your own video? This would obviously not be an effective way of growing your user base and is something that should be kept in mind when choosing a video streaming provider. Remember, free streaming companies are in the business of making money, even if that is at the expense of their own users.

Limited Customization Options

Free streaming providers offer little when it comes to the customization of your video channels. You are typically hamstrung to the look and feel of the free provider’s site, which likely is covered in logos and advertisements tied to the content provider’s platform. By choosing a paid content provider, your options are almost limitless when it comes to customizing the experience that your users will enjoy when viewing your content.

TikiLIVE Offers Host of Features for Video Streaming

If your content is becoming increasingly popular and you are pushing the limits of a free streaming provider, it may be time to signup for an account with a provider that offers a whole host of features that will make your job of creating high quality content much easier. TikiLIVE, a leader in the video streaming industry for over a decade, offers a whole host of features that should make the life of every content provider much easier. Check out a few of the most popular features of the TikiLIVE platform that have been welcomed by our growing user base.

Mobile Support

Have you ever thought of how your videos look from a smartphone? Take a moment to pull up some of your most popular videos on a mobile device. If the result is not something that you are proud of, it may be time to look into a different streaming provider. TikiLIVE offers full HTML5 support, which allows your content to be viewed seamlessly across all devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as IPTV set top boxes. At TikiLIVE, we value the user experience and work extremely hard to ensure your users do not lose anything in terms of quality, regardless of the platform that they choose to use when viewing your content.

Pay Per View Options

At TikiLIVE, we understand the amount of time that typically goes into creating video content. A high quality video can take hours upon hours to shoot and even more time to edit and distribute to your end users. For this reason, it’s important when you are finished with the production of your video content to be able to monetize it in a variety of different ways. Don’t worry! We’re one step ahead of you with a variety of pay per view options for your video content. With TikiLIVE, not only can you charge for the live streaming of your content, but you can also charge a fee to view your content long after the initial stream.

Top Notch Customer Support

It’s hard to find quality customer service in this industry. Most online companies rarely list phone numbers and if they do, you are bombarded with automated menus when you do decide to call a company. At TikiLIVE, our approach to customer service is much different. We offer phone support from real humans as well as live chat and responsive email support. We understand that when you have a problem with your video content it’s a big deal and we vow that we will always be available to handle your needs.

Ready to Partner With a Live Streaming Provider That Has Your Best Interests in Mind?

If you are ready to work with a live streaming provider that values your needs and will treat you like a customer, not merely a number, give us a call today at 305-289-4557 to talk directly with one of our experienced customer service representatives. We look forward to proving to you why so many have already chosen TikiLIVE as their live streaming partner.

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