April 29th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.45.39 PMTikiLIVE is constantly working to add features that will make our solutions even more attractive to our customers. That is why we have taken measures to further expand our customers’ abilities when using our software. We are ecstatic to reveal a list of our new channels that have been added over the past few months, while also detailing new ways to access all of our content across multiple devices.

Eight New Channels for Onset TV
Our team has been working hard to expand our channel lineup for our set top box users. Recently, we have added eight channels, which include over 3,000 classic episodes. Users can expect to gain access to classic movies, westerns, great sport moments, sitcoms, Sci-Fi thrillers, crime shows, hit dramas and the fast growing gaming entertainment genre. These new channels complement our existing robust channel lineup and offer something for nearly everyone. Our wide selection of new channels ensures that there is always something to watch.

Bloomberg Television
Are you an avid investor looking to stay up to date on the latest market news? If so, we are now offering a streaming channel from our friends at Bloomberg to keep you abreast of all of the latest financial news. Whether in your home or on the go, TikiLIVE now allows you to easily stream content from the popular Bloomberg channel at anytime.

Outdoor Sports Channel
The warm weather inspires many individuals to enjoy the outdoors however this is not always attainable. Why not bring nature to you with the Outdoor Sports Channel? TikiLIVE now offers full access to this channel featuring scores of programming geared to inspire the outdoor lover in you!

Access our Content Across Myriad of Devices
Our mission is to ensure that all of our content can be accessed across as many platforms as possible. We encourage our users and subscribers to take note of our new apps that are or will be available in the coming months. The TikiLIVE Android app is currently available in the Play Store, and the iOS app will be released in the iTunes store soon. This enables users to access content, even on the go.

Our expanded array of content at tv.tikilive.com is also a point of interest for users. Whether you are using your computer, Apple TV, a Roku device, Smart TV, smartphone or tablet, you will have no problem accessing TikiLIVE content.

For mobile users, we offer the dedicated IPTV App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as from Apple’s App Store as well. This allows you to never miss your favorite TikiLIVE content.

Need More Information on TikiLIVE’s Expanded Lineup?
If you’re looking for more information on TikiLIVE’s expanded lineup of high quality content, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to listen to your content requests and are working hard to add new and relevant content on an ongoing basis.

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