April 29th, 2015

white-label-set-top-boxWant to increase your channel surfing SPEED? Great! With the new TikiLIVE Quad Core STB, you can have the ability to stream content to users’ televisions. Although most only consider that large providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have the necessary resources to distribute content through set top boxes, another name is emerging in this field: TikiLIVE. With TikiLIVE, users can stream content through our own white label set top box (STB) as well as other their own third party set top boxes.

Lets talk about TikiLIVE’s Quad Core Super-Fast Set Top Box
Our White Label STB is extremely easy to use and allows Operators to not only distribute content, but to also build their brand. Easily embed your logo into the white label STB to keep your brand consistent and, most importantly keeping your channel surfers happy.

A few of the features that we are most proud to offer through our White Label STB include:

  • Quad Core Processor – We’ve redesigned our set top box to utilize a quad core processor that increases speed and performance. No more delays or buffering issues, thanks to this lighting fast processor.
  • Android Operating System – The Android operating system is not only used to power smartphones and tablets, but it’s also used to power a variety of devices in all sorts of industries. Because the operating system requires very little memory while offering a whole host of features, TikiLIVE is excited to use it to power our new set top box.
  • Electronic Programming Guide – Our set top box also offers an electronic programming guide which we’ve improved, allowing our users to have a much more enjoyable experience when browsing for new content. By using caching, we’ve created a much faster EPG, which can be accessed in the following languages:
    • English
    • Urdu
    • Russian
    • Punjabi
    • Japanese
    • Italian
    • Hindi
    • German
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Bengali
    • Arabic
    • Romanian
    • Vietnamese
    • Korean
    • Thai
    • Traditional Chinese Cantonese

Other 3rd Party Set Top Box Offerings
While we do offer our own White Label Set Top Box, we understand that some of your viewers may prefer to access their content from their own devices. For this reason, we offer full support for the following 3rd party set top boxes:

  • Roku – Roku is the top selling streaming set top box currently on the market. With over 8 million devices sold throughout the world, you’ll instantly have access to scores of new viewers.
  • AppleTV – Apple has an incredibly loyal following, including their AppleTV devices. With fully integrated AirPlay, your users will be able to easily redirect their TikiLIVE content to any of their iOS devices.
  • Chromecast – Chromecast is Google’s first foray into the IPTV world. Rather than opting for a full set top box setup, Chromecast utilizes a dongle device to stream content in a similar fashion. This delivers the capability to stream content from another device onto the television. Use this handy and inexpensive dongle device in tandem with the TikiLIVE app.

Quad Core Set Top Box or Dongle Offerings From TikiLIVE
By partnering with TikiLIVE, you can instantly have your content shown across all of the major set top boxes as well as our white label set top box solution, which will allow you to literally create your own OTT (Over the Top) network. For more information contact us today. We are more than happy to explain our wide variety of STB solutions.

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