June 3rd, 2015

tikilive_p8-300x228As more people look to “cut the cord” and free themselves from the ridiculously high rates of cable and satellite providers, set top boxes have seen a huge uptick in popularity.

Set top boxes allow your viewers to access content from their televisions just like they could with cable and satellite providers — without the extremely high monthly bills.

One of the challenges of a set top box is the user interface. It takes significant time and development costs to create a user experience that is smooth and easy to use by your viewers.

When starting an IPTV network, the last thing that you should have to worry about is a refined software package, which is why developed a completely free set top box APK that allows you to power your set top boxes with relative ease.

Set Top Box Android Application Package

We’re excited to have just completed the newest set top box APK for Android. This APK allows you to control set top boxes and dongles to provide a unique experience to your viewers. If you have an Android based set top box or dongle, you can download our set top box APK absolutely free.

Features of The New TikiLIVE Set Top Box APK

We’re constantly tweaking our APK to ensure that we are offering a rich feature set to our end users. A few of the most popular features of our free APK include:

  • Multi-language Support: We’ve recently added support for the following languages.
    • Arabic
    • Bengali
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Punjabi
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Thai
    • Traditional Chinese Cantonese
    • Urdu
    • Vietnamese
  • Fast Channel Guide: How many times have you become frustrated with your cable box because the channel guide was extremely slow? Our EPG (electronic program guide) is optimized for both speed and ease of use so you can offer viewers a “better than cable” experience.
  • Video On Demand: Another benefit of using the TikiLIVE set top box APK is that your viewers not only have instant access to all of your TikiLIVE channels but you can also offer video on demand functions similar to options provided by cable and satellite providers.

Benefits for STB Manufacturers and IPTV Providers

As a set top box manufacturer or IPTV provider, it’s important to strategically choose the set top box software that will run on your devices. We offer benefits not seen with many of our competitors’ offerings.

  • Revenue Sharing: Your business must be profitable. For this reason, we’re now offering revenue sharing for manufacturers who choose to offer some of our premium content on their STB devices.
  • Support for a Wide Range of Devices: Our free set top box SDK can be used on dual core or quad core Android set top boxes as well as HDMI dongles. This allows you to offer a wide variety of STB options for your customers.
  • Ease of Branding: With our SDK you have complete control over the branding of the user interface. This allows you to include your own logos and branding to strengthen your company’s image.
  • Demo Content: Another benefit of using the TikiLIVE SDK is that you can demonstrate the capabilities of your set top boxes and dongles by demoing streaming content to your users right out of the box.

Benefits for Set Top Box Users

While our set top box SDK offers a whole host of benefits for manufacturers and IPTV providers, we are most excited about the benefits that end users will experience when using our software, including:

  • A Variety of Channels: Viewers will easily be able to scroll through a whole host of channels related to all sorts of content. No matter the subject matter, TikiLIVE offers hundreds of channels to choose from.
  • High Quality Streaming: With servers located around the world, viewers will not experience buffering and streaming issues that are common with many of the free streaming providers.
  • No Commercials: Viewers quickly grow tired of commercials, especially when it comes to streaming content. Choose whether or not you want to include commercials and handpick the ones most likely to interest your viewers.
  • User Friendly: Through extensive testing, we’ve developed an interface that is easy for all ages to use. Whether viewers are young or old, the simple to use electronic program guide is simple to learn and extremely intuitive — even for users that have never used a set top box.
  • Updated Daily: TikiLIVE’s channel offerings are constantly updated to give viewers access to an almost endless supply of fresh content.

Interested in More Information on the Free TikiLIVE Set Top Box APK?

Download the APK now or call us now at (305) 743-6722 for more information about our set top box APK and how it can fuel the growth of your business.

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