February 3rd, 2015

How to Create a Live Sports Streaming WebsiteAre you a big sports fan who is looking for a way to easily stream live sporting events to your website and maybe even your TV? Maybe you are looking to stream your school’s sporting events or maybe you are just a proud parent that wants other family members living far away to be able to see your young prodigy playing his or her favorite sport.

While just a few years ago, streaming live sporting events to the Internet was extremely expensive and complicated, this is no longer the case. With the widespread use of high-speed Internet access as well as the drop in prices for camera equipment and high powered computers, almost anyone can now stream content to the Internet with relative ease.

Now that you’ve decided that you want to stream your content to a website, you are probably asking how you can make this happen. Well, thanks to a large number of streaming providers, getting your content in front of a wide range of people is not all that difficult.

Should You Use a Free Video Streaming Service?

When people are first creating video content for their website, they often are inclined to use one of the free providers available on the Internet to keep costs down. While this may be OK if your content is not going to be very popular, there are a number of disadvantages to using a free video streaming service.

  • Limited Customer Support – Free services often require that you have a strong understanding of how video streaming works. If you need some assistance along the way with getting your content online, a free service may not be the right fit for you.
  • Bandwidth Caps – Free streaming providers do not necessarily want your content to be extremely profitable. The more popular your content, the more resources that it will require, which can be difficult for a free streaming provider that may be hosting thousands, if not millions of other users’ content. By paying to host your content you can guarantee a certain level of service, which will allow your content to easily be viewed regardless of popularity. As your content becomes more popular, you will use more bandwidth, which may cause some free providers to cap the amount of people that can view your videos without severe buffering issues.
  • No Control Over Advertisements – Another huge disadvantage of free streaming providers is the ads that will be automatically placed before, during and/or after your videos are played. These videos are often catered to your user’s interests based on the genre of your videos. This means that while you work hard to attract visitors to your videos, other advertisers may “steal” your customers before they even experience your content. By paying to host your content you can control what advertisements, if any are shown alongside your video content.
  • Lack of Website Integration – While many free sites offer a way for your users to access your content from a mobile phone, they do not offer easy ways to embed their content onto your website. While it is possible, you often have to have knowledge of HTML or a CMS platform for this to work properly. Paid streaming providers often have tools which make it extremely easy to stream your sports content to your website.

TikiLIVE – Your Source For Creating a Live Sports Streaming Website

If you are looking for a streaming provider that can easily help you stream your sports content to your website, TikiLIVE should be at the top of your list. While TikiLIVE does offer a free account for low volume users, there are a number of reasonably priced plans that will allow you to stream your sports content to fans across the world without much effort on your part.

TikiLIVE is a well-known professional video streaming provider that is extremely easy to use, yet has a whole host of features that will be extremely beneficial as your content gains in popularity. Some of these features include:

  • Fully Featured WordPress Website – Creating your very own website to host your live sports content can seem overwhelming and difficult. The reality is that this doesn’t have to be the case – especially with TikiLIVE. With TikILIVE you have a fully featured WordPress website that is included with your account. Easily brand your website and allow your users to view your streaming sports content without leaving your website.
  • Mobile Support – As more people access streaming content from their mobile devices, it is important that your content can be viewed across all types of devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers and even TVs. With TikiLIVE all of your content can instantly be streamed across all of these platforms with no additional effort on your part.
  • Analytics – No longer do you have to guess as to what content is working well for you. TikiLIVE offers a full analytics suite that shows you which of your videos is receiving the most views so that you can constantly tweak your content strategy on a moment’s notice. TikiLIVE offers the same high level of analytics that larger companies rely on.
  • Pay Per View Options – TikiLIVE also allows you to charge for your content. As your content becomes more popular you may be surprised that some of your viewers would be willing to pay to watch your content. TikiLIVE offers a variety of options including selling tickets to live streaming events as well as offering pay per view services for users who missed the live stream and want to catch your content later.
  • Top Notch Customer Service – At TikiLIVE not only do you receive a world-class product, but you also receive world-class customer service. Whether you need to discuss your needs over the phone, through live chat or email, we are always here for you!

Start Streaming Your Live Sports Content With TikiLIVE Today

If you are ready to stream your live sports events today, contact us today! We can help you choose the right plan based on your needs so that you are poised for growth, yet not spending more than you need to.

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