April 12th, 2012

Your website today is probably mostly text and images – you’ve used themes to make the site more visually appealing, and photos for visual communication. However, video is a growing presence on the web, and there are things that are easier to show in video than using photos or text. Consider the potential applications of video to make your site more appealing to visitors:
– Real estate sites that have actual home walkthroughs instead of just photos.
– How-to articles that actually show a procedure or process instead of trying to describe it.
– Screen captures that demonstrate how to use software
– Video chat or broadcast

Easy HD from a WordPress Site

In the past putting video on the web could be pretty painful – after recording something, you would have to get the video file converted to a specific format, find storage for it, then upload it to somewhere on the web that could stream the video, set up a plug-in on your website, and then write code to run the plug-in on your web page. You’d have to do this for every single video.

TikiLIVE provides HD streaming service integrated with hosted WordPress sites that make it easy to upload your video and share it out via a custom WordPress site. Let Eyepartner handle the technical side of working with your video; you just have to shoot and share. TikiLIVE allows you to share either prerecorded content or live broadcasts.


If you’re thinking HD video, you’re not just thinking of putting one piece of content on your site. You want a media-rich site, and TikiLIVE is the best solution. With TikiLIVE HD Streaming, you can offer video on demand (recorded content), live feeds such as scheduled events or sessions with a noteworthy expert, or even pay-per-view style content to monetize your streams.

You can organize your video content into channels, so that instead of building up site pages around every single piece of content you can simply have a video streaming section where visitors can select the type of content they wish to view, and then the individual feeds they want to see. As an example, a Real Estate site may break down video walkthroughs by location, and then provide a page of homes available for video walkthrough that the user can choose to view.

Screen Captures

Video doesn’t just have to be about what you can capture with a camera – many people with a story to tell need to be able to show a how-to or demonstration of software or content on their computer through desktop sharing. Again, this is often a problem – capturing quality video, encoding or compressing it, and finding a place to host the video in a way that it can be embedded.

The HD Wave enables non-technical users to capture and stream all or part of their desktop. Create software walkthroughs, video how-tos, or advanced technical demonstrations with the ease of sharing your desktop for a web conference. The stream can then be broadcast via the TikiLIVE HD broadcasting service over the internet, or embed the TikiLIVE widget into your WordPress site for HD streaming directly on your site.

HD Wave can even capture synchronized video and audio from a Skype session, allowing you to interview or record video chat sessions for distribution via your WordPress site. If your content includes providing content by experts in your field, you can interview them via Skype, record the interview and either stream the interview directly or make the interview available on demand via the TikiLIVE HD video hosting service.


The TikiLIVE service provides immediate feedback on viewership by tracking viewer habits and click-through statistics from each channel. You can view reports of viewers per channel over time, or charts showing how much of a video watched by percentage of viewers. The analytics will show you how much of your video the viewers watched before moving on, which gives you valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t. You will also have access to standard web reporting-style statistics, including visitors, geography, views, breakdown by content, and login ID, if available.

Of course, the best feedback is direct feedback – TikiLIVE provides chat, messaging, and blogging tools to allow your viewers to post their own comments. TikiLIVE also allows integration of these tools with social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and others. And don’t forget that by embedding the video content in your WordPress site you have the full array of WordPress tools available for providing your viewers ways to interact with your video content.

Self hosting or white label

TikiLIVE is available as a subscription service where you can upload your videos for hosting via streaming online, broadcast to Roku boxes, or integration with your own sites. You can also purchase TikiLIVE software to run on your own network, for internal or internet broadcast. Both the TikiLIVE service and TikiLIVE software are “white label” so that they can be rebranded as your own HD video streaming service.

Record, Upload, Broadcast!

Getting started with HD video in your WordPress site has never been easier. Capture video using your own HD equipment, desktop capture software, or HD Wave HD desktop capture software. TikiLIVE also integrates with third party broadcasters such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Telestream Wirecast, VidBlaster, and NewTek TriCaster, among others.

Upload the video to the TikiLIVE service, and it is immediately available via your WordPress site. You can set up channels on your site, so that content in that channel is instantly available for viewing, or you can embed video specifically via the widget, in which case once the video is available on TikiLIVE you can configure a widget on your WordPress site to stream it to your visitors.

TikiLIVE is fully integrated with WordPress – you will have an integrated dashboard, and the widgets are easy to configure and WordPress theme-aware. They are also multi-author aware, so that you can have multiple authors or broadcasters using your TikiLIVE services and taking advantage of the full array of TikiLIVE features easily and securely.

The WordPress integration provides a number of default templates out of the box. However, the templates, integration, and widgets can be customized just as any WordPress features can, giving you the freedom and flexibility to ensure your HD content fits your needs. And again – you have the ability to create custom pages and themes and make them available for your broadcasters to use in a way that suits your business and needs.

Go HD video now

HD video is the wave of the now – so get started with HD video now. It’s as simple as starting with TikiLIVE for your HD video, and configuring your WordPress site – you can have an HD video-enabled web site up and running in just a few minutes! And while you can get things up and running quickly with minimum technical knowledge, the customizability of a WordPress site provides the tools for those who wish to, to create a truly unique HD video experience.

You can host unlimited domains on a TikiLIVE enabled WordPress site, providing clean branding for your websites while displaying HD video – either live streaming or prerecorded. Create channels, and use the TikiLIVE video widgets provided to create a rich HD video experience quickly without getting bogged down in the details of streaming HD video over the web. You focus on the content; we’ll focus on getting it to your viewers and readers.


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