October 9th, 2015

TikiLIVE.com Upgrade to 6.3At TikiLIVE, we’re constantly being asked about the many features of our popular streaming platform. While it’s difficult to include all of our features in one article, we’ll do our best to showcase a few of the more popular features that are offered through our TikiLIVE platform.

  1. Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming 

One of the features that we’re most excited about is our live adaptive bit rate streaming. While we’ve offered VOD bit rate streaming for quite some time, we’re just now rolling out this functionality for live content. Bit rate streaming actually detects an end user’s CPU and bandwidth to alter the video stream on the fly. This allows your users to have a much more enjoyable streaming experience, regardless of their connection or CPU speed.

  1. Secure Content Delivery Network 

You may not understand this now, but the reliability of your content provider is paramount when it comes to the success of your content. While you can choose a free streaming provider to host your content, you’ll likely be disappointed as your content becomes more popular. Free providers simply don’t have the resources or the interest to ensure your content is streaming properly.

By partnering with a robust content delivery network like TikiLIVE, you instantly have access to our strong backbone of multiple streaming servers located around the world. Through our proprietary technology, we’re able to stream content to end users based on their physical location to one of our servers. Users receive content from the closest TikiLIVE server to help reduce buffering issues seen with many free providers.

  1. WordPress Website Capabilities 

Creating high quality content is only part of the equation when it comes to marketing your content. Having a professional website is another important part of your content succeeding online. With TikiLIVE, you instantly get access to the WordPress platform to create a professional website to highlight your content.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a nice looking website without the need for a technical background. WordPress uses an extremely user-friendly interface that allows anyone to create a website in a very small amount of time.

With TikiLIVE, you have instant access to your WordPress site from within your account dashboard.

  1. Mobile Support 

In 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed PC internet usage, which means that the market for mobile content has expanded astronomically over the past few years. If you’re looking to get your content out to as many people as possible, you simply can’t discount the importance of your mobile audience.

TikiLIVE offers a fully HTML5 compatible platform that allows your users to access your content from any type of device including a smartphone, tablet, computer or set top box.

  1. Set Top Box Support 

Another growing segment of the streaming industry has been set top boxes. With the rise in the prevalence of high-speed Internet access, streaming providers have begun to erode the television market previously dominated by large cable and satellite companies.

Streaming providers such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have seen huge success with marketing their content to users of set top boxes from manufacturers like Apple, Google and Roku.

TikiLIVE offers full support for a variety of set top boxes including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and a whole host of Android based set top boxes. This way, your content can be instantly shared to your users alongside the big content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

  1. Updated Channel Guide 

One of the common complaints that we hear from our clients about cable and satellite providers is the inferior channel guide. Users frequently become frustrated due to the general slowness, as well as the complicated menus of many providers’ channel guides.

TikiLIVE has worked hard to change the stigma that all channel guides are slow and cumbersome. We’ve created a fully HTML5 compatible channel guide that is extremely responsive and easy to use. Our clients are amazed at how quickly they can browse through the various channels, compared to cable and satellite options.

  1. Support for Catch Up TV 

Another benefit of our solution is the ability for your users to access premium TV stations such as BBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX, Food Network and many more, all from their iPTV interface. If users have valid cable or satellite subscriptions, they can simply enter their credentials once and then have access to this premium content from your channel. Users are also able to access content that has been broadcast during the past 24 hours. 

  1. Multiple Monetization Methods 

If your streaming content becomes wildly successful, you’ll likely be interested in generating income from your content. TikiLIVE offers a variety of ways to generate income, including the following:

  • Pay Per View – Easily charge users to view live content through TikiLIVE’s ticketing module.
  • Video and Text Ads – Ingest video advertisements directly into your playlists, similar to how major networks feature advertisements, or have text ads show up during your videos.
  • Ticket Sales – Sell tickets to your live broadcasts to generate additional income.
  • Video On Demand – You’re also able to generate income by charging users to view content that has already been broadcast.
  1. Social Media Integration 

Social media is one of the greatest marketing strategies for content creators. Being able to cater your content to an audience of social media users that are interested in your content can be a great way to grow your user base.

With TikiLIVE, you can easily share your content on your different social media platforms to grow your user base. You don’t ever have to worry about going to each of your social media networks to share your content—just do it all automatically with TikiLIVE! 

Ready to Learn More About TikiLIVE? 

We hope this short list of TikiLIVE features will help you to decide if this is a solution that meets your needs. If you have any questions about our service or how it can work for you, don’t hesitate to contact our support team today at 305-289-4557.

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