June 22nd, 2015

"I have discovered the heart’s infinite capacity to love. And a simple story’s power to change a life."When you are introducing your business to the world, it’s crucial to stand out. You could have the most revolutionary product or service in the world, but nobody would know it if you don’t have a slick media package making the case for your business to the public. But publishing a high-quality traditional print media kit is costly, with no assurance that it won’t end up in a pile of unread mail in the offices of the media outlets, customers, or investors who could help your business most.

In our current digital age, print media is losing its effectiveness simply because printed matter has less of a place in people’s everyday lives as their worlds are contained in smartphones, laptops, and tablets. To get noticed, you’re going to want to put your media kit into the digital workflow where potential investors or customers or the media can learn about your company wherever they are, on whichever device they’re using. What better way to achieve this than with video?

Video makes an impact on the senses that the static materials in a traditional print media kit just can’t compete with. Dynamic, engaging, able to compress a lot of information in a short time and easily consumed on digital devices, video is the ideal medium for your company’s media package.

TikiLIVE is a robust content-delivery infrastructure that broadcasts your video in stunning high definition without the buffering or hiccups that can plague other online video services. When you upload video, it is encoded and optimized for playback on all devices.

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to arrange and enable the videos you want to broadcast on your channel. You can update the information in your kit (i.e., change or post new videos) at any time without incurring the costs of additional print runs that go with traditional kits.

Just give media reps, investors or customers the link to your channel page, and all the videos in your media kit will be available to them for viewing. It’s a great and cost-effective way to get noticed!

Post As Many Videos as Your Company Has Stories to Tell

Your video media package is your chance to tell the stories of who you are and what really drives your company ¬— the passions you embody, the problems you strive to solve, the value you provide. The video element gives you the opportunity to transcend the dry facts and canned messages that usually populate these media kits. You can provide a number of videos on different subjects to illustrate all the facets of your company.

Some suggestions for the types of videos you may want to include in your video media package on TikiLIVE include:

  • Company welcome/introduction: Craft a first impression of your company. Give a high-level pitch on what your company does and what sets you apart. Consider having this video autoplay when the viewer first accesses your channel page.
  • Company history and profile: A brief look at how the company started and how it has progressed over the years. Introduce key executives. Give some facts and figures of interest.
  • Product and service information: Create videos detailing the products and services you offer. Demonstrate their features and benefits. Incorporate case studies. Show how and why your products or services have value.
  • Frequently asked questions: Anticipate and address questions that viewers are likely to have about your company. Invite viewers to ask further questions via social media or phone contact.
  • Vlog posts: Blog-entry style videos that briefly cover topics of interest to your business or industry. If you’re a software company, film some brief “tips and tricks” pieces that make using your product easier. Comment on trends in your industry.
  • Investor information: Enumerate what your company has to offer potential investors. Go over your standing in the marketplace and reveal future initiatives that will boost returns on investment or draw the interest of venture capitalists.
  • Media coverage: Compile any appearances your company has had in the media: clips from news items, features, articles, industry publications, coverage of company events.
  • Upcoming events and initiatives: Show you’re a company on the move by producing videos that show what lies ahead: trade shows, product launches, user conferences, conventions, awards ceremonies, thought-leader lectures or panels. Build hype for events for which you want media coverage.
  • Awards and honors: Show how your company excels by describing any industry or local-business awards your company has received. Footage of awards ceremonies and acceptance speeches would be very effective here. Solidify your company’s position as a recognized leader in its industry.
  • Testimonials: Invite customers or others you have a positive business relationship with to record their impressions of and experiences with your company. Have them describe what is so great about your company and what sets you apart from your competitors. Show that you have a proven track record of success with a real-world human touch.
  • Causes: If your company lends support to charitable causes, create a video detailing what those causes are and what they mean to your company. This is a great opportunity to humanize your company and portray yourselves as contributing members of the community, while raising awareness about the causes that are important to you. If possible, provide footage of company members participating in activities related to these causes — holding a fun run, volunteering with the Special Olympics, cleaning up a park, etc.

Use TikiLIVE to Craft Your Company’s Image

With high-definition video, a reliable delivery infrastructure and an easy-to-use channel manager, you can use TikiLIVE to create a memorable and compelling media package for your company that fits right into the digital workflow of today’s media professional, investor or customer.

Don’t reduce your company to a stack of paper to be recycled. Sign up for a TikiLIVE account today and start creating your video media kit.

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