March 10th, 2015

What Differentiates TikiLIVE from Other Video Streaming PlatformsWhen you are looking for a hosting platform for your streaming content, you have a whole host of options available online. Some of the common names that you’ve likely heard of include YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and TikiLIVE. These providers all offer a variety of different features, but few compare to the affordability, features and support TikiLIVE offers. Let’s explore just some of what you get when you choose TikiLIVE:

A Distributed Content Delivery Network

When it comes to distributing your video content online, there are all sorts of important factors to consider when choosing a provider. One of the most important factors is how fast your video content will load for your end users. You will likely have users located all across the US and possibly even the world, so it’s important that you choose a provider that offers a robust content delivery network.

A content delivery network is a system of high-powered servers that are distributed across a large geographical area. This allows your videos to be processed by servers that are located close to your end users thus serving your content faster, which reduces load time and video buffering. Slow load times and buffering are some of the most common ways to turn off potential users. TikiLIVE offers a robust content delivery network with servers strategically located across the world.

Mobile Support

Catering to your mobile audience is key to your success online, regardless of what you are doing. With more and more people accessing videos from mobile phones and tablets it is especially important that the video provider you choose offers full mobile support for all of your video content.

TikiLIVE has invested in significant infrastructure to support all mobile devices. Whether your users are accessing your content from an Android phone or tablet or any Apple device, your video content will be displayed in a manner that suits their screen. We offer full HTML5 support, which allows your content to support whatever device your viewers are using at any given time.

Pay Per View Options

Pay per view content has been popular in the television world for decades. It is only recently that providers have begun to use pay per view for online content. With TikiLIVE, you can easily charge your viewers to view your content live or on demand after your content has been broadcast. Either way, TikiLIVE makes it extremely easy to begin to monetize your video content. Many of the other video platforms fall short when it comes to pay per view capabilities.

A Variety of Customer Support Options

Some would argue that as companies have increased their presences online they have often shortchanged their customer service efforts. Many companies rely on email support as opposed to offering phone or live chat support. TikiLIVE understood early on that this created an opportunity and has always provided customer support via email, phone and live chat.

Whatever method you prefer, we will be happy to answer your questions across a variety of support platforms. Don’t worry about emailing a request that will ultimately go unanswered. TikiLIVE works hard to respond to all customer support inquiries.

WordPress Support

Another benefit of TikiLIVE when compared to many of the other video platforms is full WordPress support. When you sign up for an account with TikiLIVE, you will have a fully functional WordPress website integrated directly into your account. This allows you to easily share your videos to your website and reach out to a larger segment of your user base. With video content it is important to reach your users across a variety of platforms and TikiLIVE makes this happen with full WordPress support.

IPTV Support

While many people prefer to view video content online, there are still a large number of people who are more comfortable viewing content on their televisions. With the popularity of streaming providers like Hulu and Netflix, an entirely new device – called a set top box – has been released so audiences can watch their favorite streamed videos on their televisions.

This phenomenon is commonly referred to as IPTV. TikiLIVE offers full IPTV support and allows you to stream your content to popular set top boxes like Roku or to a white label set top box that you can brand and use to create your very own IPTV network.

Robust Analytic Platform

Another important aspect of video streaming platforms is their analytics options. Streaming your videos online is great but not very effective if you can’t analyze which videos are the most popular. TikiLIVE offers a strong analytics suite, which can help you determine which videos are working and which need to be adjusted. With TikiLIVE, you can instantly tweak your video campaign on the fly to ensure your videos are as effective as possible.

Live Chat During Broadcasts

Looking for a way to connect with your user base during broadcasts? TikiLIVE can make that happen with live chat functionality. You can market this as a way for your users to connect with you prior to your broadcast. Many users will enjoy getting to know you and will likely better identify with your content based on this personal touch.

Social Media Integration

Sharing content to social media is paramount for companies and organizations that are looking to grow their user base. With TikiLIVE, you can easily share your videos to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the click of a button. No longer do you have to navigate to each social network to share your content – do it all from within TikiLIVE’s dashboard.

Convinced That TikiLIVE Should Be Your Video Streaming Platform of Choice?

Whether you have additional questions you’d like answered or are ready to sign up with TikiLIVE, we’re here to help. Contact us today and discover what really makes TikiLIVE different!

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