April 14th, 2010

Hello from the Eyepartner Help Desk!

Today we are going to focus on monetizing your TikiLIVE Network via multiple revenue sources. Currently there are three ways to make money off a TikiLIVE Network, Selling Broadcasting Subscriptions, Charging for content set as Pay Per view as well as integrating Advertisments with your players. Check out the following Video giving a brief overview of how you can make money with your very own TikiLIVE Network:

Image1: TikiLIVE Provides Multiple Revenue Streams

First Revenue Source: Selling Broadcasting Packages

As the admin, one can set multiple broadcasting packages within your TikiLIVE Network allowing users to suscribe based on their broadcasting needs. Monotize the site by charging content producers based off bandwidth, storage and viewerbase. By creating specific packages the Admin can set up a pricing structure that works for the amateur hobbist to the professional studio.

Braodcasters can subscribe, upgrade packages and purchase additional bandwidth on the fly to make sure that their broadcasting package is exactly what they need. With a core system based off Pay Pal’s subscription-based API, a TikiLIVE Network ensures that all payments are made securely and on time.

Image 2: Select Broadcasting Package

Second Revenue Source: Integrating Advertising

TikiLIVE Networks allow the site owner to monotize their network by inserting both video and pop-up ads directly in their players. Site admin can set up broadcaster specific campaigns or distribute an ad to the entire network. Capping impressions also allows the site admin to sell a pre-determined number of impressions for a particular campaign.

– Create Individual Campaign
– Load Multiple Video and Pop-Up Banners within a Campaign
– Designate the priority level and distribution of a Banner
– Set the date which a particular Campaign will run
– Link Banner ads to destination URL’s
– Advance Analytics tracking impressions

Third Revenue Source: Pay Per View Content

A TikiLIVE Network allows the broadcasters to set content as Pay Per View. The Pay Per View feature grants the ability to bring in revenue from ticket sales for both Live shows and Recorded or Uploaded Videos. Simply set the VOD or Scheduled Live Event price and publish the content. A broadcaster can schedule a reoccurring event so users can tune in multiple times per week to view the live show for a set fee.

The users buy tickets through a secure merchant processor all the while earning the site admin a published “cut” of the profits. Admin then simply sends the broadcaster a check at the end of each payment period for they money they made off their content.

– Set Ticket Price for Live Event
– Set Ticket Price for a Video On Demmand
– Specify admin cut of ticke sales
– Advanced analytic reporting of ticket sales and revenue

Image 3: Setting a Pay Per View Event

In summary there are multiple possibilities to monetize your TikILIVE Network. Feel free to fill out the following contact us form and request additional information.

Until next time, keep streaming.