August 8th, 2014

How White Labeling TikiLIVE Can Benefit YouUnless you have been under a rock for the past few years you have likely heard about IPTV providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus. These providers have taken a bite out of large cable companies’ profits by offering streaming video content at incredibly low prices.

This has created an opportunity for smaller companies to also establish an IPTV network to cater to their customers. The primary problem with this approach has been the cost of starting an IPTV network. Thankfully, using a service like TikiLIVE allows you to create your own IPTV network without all of the high costs associated with this type of technology. TikiLIVE has already invested in the infrastructure that allows you to create and run an IPTV, so why not let us handle the back end and you just work on gaining customers? In fact, we even offer a white label version of our set top boxes, which allows you to brand your IPTV network and content however you would like.

Creating your own IPTV with TikiLIVE offers a host of benefits:

Build Your Brand

When growing your company, one of the most important things to focus on is building your brand. By creating an IPTV network of your own, you have unlimited options in terms of how to promote your company. Think about how Netflix and Amazon place their logo on everything that they touch. You could do the same thing with your white label IPTV network. TikiLIVE allows you to insert your logo throughout your IPTV network to ensure that your customers are always associating your content with your brand.

Connect With New Customers

Some of your customers prefer to watch your content on their television. Even though more and more people are streaming video content to their phones and tablets, there is still a large segment of the population that would rather access your content from their living room television. To fulfill this need, you need IPTV. This relatively new technology allows you to stream your video content to your customers’ TVs with ease. As long as your users have an Internet connection and a set top box, they can view your content.

IPTV For Your Internal Needs

If you are a growing business with multiple locations, IPTV can be an effective way to quickly disseminate information. Think about having a TV and set top box at each of your locations, which can allow you to connect all of your employees. You could easily use IPTV to broadcast company news or bulletins as opposed to mailing or even emailing this information. You could even coordinate what is being displayed at each of your locations to show your customers your wide array of products and services. For example, a doctor’s office could create a channel that provides health-related information to patients in the waiting room.

Compete on a Global Scale

With a branded IPTV network from TikiLIVE, you can compete with other IPTV providers around the world. Because of the solid infrastructure of TikiLIVE you will not have to worry about whether your content will be effectively streamed to your users. TikiLIVE has invested significant resources in developing an IPTV infrastructure that is poised to handle growth. By utilizing the same technology used by the likes of Netflix and Amazon, you can have your very own branded IPTV network from TikiLIVE.

With the advances of the Internet, business is now conducted on a global scale. By using IPTV you can connect with your customers wherever they may be, regardless of location.

Cutting Edge Technology

As mentioned above, TikiLIVE is committed to providing the latest in technology to all of its users. We understand that to be a leader in your industry, you always need to be on the leading edge of the latest technological innovations. This is why we strive to consistently improve our service to ensure that your streaming content is always delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

A few examples of TikiLIVE’s cutting edge technology include:

  • Latest Codecs – TikiLIVE uses the latest codec technology, which is currently h.265. This ensures that your content will always be delivered in crystal clear HD. As new codecs are released, TikiLIVE is always ready and waiting to implement these new technologies.
  • Mobile Support – While many of your customers will want to access your content from their television, they also from time to time may want to view content on their mobile devices. TikiLIVE offers full support for all smartphones, computers and tablets to ensure that your content is viewable across all devices.
  • Monster Encoder – This tool allows you to convert the majority of video containers and codecs into a format that allows your content to be easily streamed to multiple platforms. A video container can be thought of as a file extension such as AVI, MP4, etc. A codec is the set of instructions within the video file that tells the media player how to play the content. Through the Monster Encoder, your content is ingested and converted into a format that is viewable through IPTV devices as well as mobile devices.
  • Live Chat Functionality – TikiLIVE also offers live chat technology which allows your users to chat about your online offerings. This is a great way to gain a loyal following by participating in live chat sessions that revolve around your company’s products and services. Many people would rather do business with a company that is transparent and easily accessible and live chat offers you a way to do just that.
  • Pay Per View Capabilities – While you may be thinking of streaming only live content via your IPTV network, you can also stream pay per view content as well. This can create an additional revenue stream for you where you can monetize previously recorded content for your users.

Ready to Enter the IPTV Realm? Give TikiLIVE a Call Today!

If you think you may be interested in white labeling TikiLIVE for your needs, give us a call today at (305) 289-4557. We have worked with a variety of organizations to provide them with their own IPTV network that is able to withstand rapid growth. Without the proper infrastructure your IPTV offerings could get off to a bit of rough start. Partner with TikiLIVE to ensure success by offering white label IPTV from a proven industry leader.

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