My Account on Apple TV

After you have logged into your account on the TikiLIVE application, you will land on the homepage:

1. Click button here to go directly to the featured channel in the background.

2. Click here to access your account.

3. Click here to access the Chanel Guide (EPG).

4. Click here to view the list of channels published on the application.

5. Click here to view the list of videos published on the application.

6. Click here to access the list of music channels.


Once you have clicked on My Account you will be able to view the details of your profile and manage the devices connected to your account:

1. Here you can view your profile image, username and email address associated with your TikiLIVE account.

2. Click here if you want to logout from your account on the Apple TV. You will be redirected to the homepage and required to log in again.

3. Here you can view how many devices you have in use from the total number of devices allowed for your account.

4. Here you can view the type of the device you are logged into and the serial number of the device.

5. Here you can view if the device is In Use and when it was last used.

6. Click here to remove the device from your account. Once the device is removed, you will be logged out and required to login again.