Cancel Broadcaster Subscription

If the user has an active subscription and it is then cancelled, they will still have access to the benefits of the subscription until the subscription period is over. When the current subscription period ends, the user can purchase a new subscription and input a different payment method.

In order to cancel a recurring subscription, users can remove it from the My Publishing Account page:

Cancel Subscription on Checkout-1


After clicking the Remove button, you have to confirm that you want to cancel the active subscription:

Cancel Subscription on Checkout-2

1. Here you can view the name of the subscription you want to remove.

2. Here you can view the price that you paid each month.

3. Check the box that you have read the terms and use of the website.

4. Click here to remove the recurring subscription.


You will be redirected to the confirmation page where you are able to confirm that the recurring subscription was removed from your account:



If a user has multiple recurring subscriptions and they wish to two or more of them, they will need to confirm this on a confirmation page:

Cancel Subscription on Checkout-4

1. Here you can see the subscriptions being cancelled.

2. Here you can see the price per month you were paying for each item.

3. Here you can see the date you will still be able to utilize your subscription benefits.

4. Click here to cancel your subscriptions.

5. Click here to void the cancellation process and return to the My Publishing Account page.