Mobile Devices FAQ

Question: What are the supported phones by the module platform?

Answer: The supported phones that you can use to watch content from TikiLIVE are:

  • iPhone/iPad.
  • All Flash Compatible Devices (Android).
  • Some BlackBerry Devices.
  • All devices that support RTMP and H264 streaming.

Important: For viewing on android devices, the HLS stream is served by default. If the browser does not know how to play the HLS, then the RTSP stream is automatically provided and you can view it with the default player or use the suggested player. More details about the HLS and RTSP stream protocols can be viewed on the Wikipedia website.


Question: Can a user access media without paying for the ticket?

Answer: No, the user has to purchase a ticket in order to view the media. In most cases, the user has paid prior and this is why they are granted access to the media.


Question: Will the Channel Manager playlist stream to the mobile phones?

Answer: For mobile devices, you can use Channel Manager HLS.


Question: Is there a delay between the live capture and the mobile video stream?

Answer: Delay may be from 35 seconds and ~ 2 minutes, and is expected behavior because mobile streaming is using a HLS protocol.

More details about HLS protocol can be checked on the Wikipedia website.