Access Content Attached to Premium Channels

A user cannot access PPV content, without having a ticket to the event or video.

In case the video is attached to a Premium Channel or to a channel that is part of a Channel Group, the user must subscribe to that Channel or Channel Groups and then they can access the video.

On this page, we exemplify how users can access a video which is attached to a Channel Group.

Videos that are attached to Premium channels or Channel groups, cannot be added to the cart directly, the button below the video thumbnail will say “View available options”:

Access premium channel content-1


It will be the same if you are accessing the video page:

Access premium channel content-2


When users click the “View available options” button, an overlay window will be displayed with details regarding the Premium content:

Access premium channel content-3

1. Click here to view the available options for purchasing the premium channel that the video is attached to.

2. Click here to add the video to your cart.


When clicking the add to cart button for the video, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription for the channel that the video is attached to:

Access premium channel content-4

1. Click the button here to be redirected to the premium channel purchasing options.


Users need to buy the subscription to the premium channel or Channel group:

Access premium channel content-5

1. Click the button here to add the subscription to your cart.


After the Channel subscription is added to the cart, users can also add the PPV video ticket:

Access premium channel content-6

1. Click the button here to add the video to your cart.


After the two items are added in the cart, users will be redirected to the Checkout page to complete their purchase.