TikiLIVE Audio Library v. User Uploaded Audio Files

With TikiLIVE Better Than Radio, users have the ability to create radio playlists either with the provided audio tracks in the TikiLIVE Library, or upload their own files from their computer.


The music files located in the TikiLIVE Library are covered under our PRO (Performance Rights Organizations) license which include BMI, ASCAP, and SOCAN. Music files that are covered under the TikiLIVE Library can be identified by a lock icon next to the file in the audio library as seen below:

TikiLIVE Library-01


Broadcasters are solely responsible for any and all 3rd party royalty fees or licenses for the music they upload and play on TikiLIVE. Music files that are uploaded by a broadcaster to the TikiLIVE library are identified by a pencil icon next to the audio file as seen below:

TikiLIVE Library-02