Viewing Tips for TikiLIVE Content

Your viewing experience depends on the quality of the content you are watching and also on the device you are using for watching TikiLIVE channels or videos.

In this page, we will present some tips that can improve your viewing experience:


1. Have a good Internet connection (2 – 5 Mbps upstream/downstream) . If you’re watching our content from shared or public WI-FI networks you may experience viewing issues to troubleshoot. You can always check your Internet connection speed by performing a simple test.

Note: If you’re watching our content from a mobile device, try using a WI-Fi connection rather than a 3G one.


2. Select the best video resolution from the Channel player page:


3. Have a modern PC or mobile device that allows you to watch High Definition content.

Check the following manual page to see the minimum requirements for viewing the videos and channels.


4. Keep all your browsers updated to their latest versions, and also make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Note: you can also install Adobe Flash Player on your mobile device.


5. Clear the cache and cookies in your browsers regularly as they may interfere with the playback quality of our channels.


6. Manage your Firewall settings, as they may block content from our website. You can manually open ports in windows Firewall.


Note: There might be a delay between the live capture and the website video. The  common delay is between 5 to 30 seconds (within 5 seconds when using HD Wave for streaming); this is due to the encoding and decoding process.