Access WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is an optional module which allows users to customize their website in an unique manner.

Depending on the type of account a user has, the administrator can allow them access to this module.

If you see the WordPress Dashboard button on the left column of your dashboard, it means you access to the WP module.

To access to a WordPress site for the first time, you will need to request access from your dashboard:

Access WordPress Dashboard-1


You will be prompted to request permission:


Important: This step only happens the first time the user wants to access the WordPress module. Once the request is granted, they will automatically enter the WordPress dashboard when clicking on the WP Dashboard button from then on.


After you request access, you will need to wait until the administrator grants your request:



Once the administrator grants you permission, you will be able to access the WordPress dashboard when you click WordPress Dashboard button on your account dashboard:


Note: Make sure you log out and then re-log into the platform again before accessing the WordPress dashboard.