Login using your Twitter account

TikiLIVE users can log into the platform using their Twitter account. Once a user clicks on the login link, a pop up window will be displayed:

login Twitter-1

1. Click the button here to login with Twitter.


A new window will be displayed, and you need to log into your Twitter account and authorize the TikiLIVE application with access to your account:

login Twitter-2

1. Enter here your Twitter username or email.

2. Enter here your Twitter password.

3. Click the button here to login with Twitter.


If you are already logged into your Twitter account in the browser, you will just need to allow the TikiLIVE application to connect with your Twitter account:

login Twitter-3

1. Click the button here to continue with your logged in Twitter account.



  • If you already have a TikiLIVE account, you need to log in using your account credentials and the account will be connected to the Twitter account.