Build Your Own HD Broadcasting Network


Not that long ago it would have been hard to believe that anyone could become a producer with their own broadcast network. Now, with EyePartner’s flagship high definition broadcasting service, TikiLIVE, this is now well within everyone’s reach.

Comprehensive Tools at Affordable Prices

EyePartner’s innovative software development and hosting company brings broadcasting to new and simple heights. Offering a comprehensive guide for producing and managing your own live high definition streaming content, the cost of broadcasting and sharing video content has become incredibly affordable.

Reach the Global Online Community

With a turnkey package that includes all the web and video publishing tools you need for starting your own high definition broadcasting network, your content can easily reach the global online community. Professionally produce your high or standard definition iPTV live streaming channels and include all the content you need to make your brand stand out.

Be a Part of the Future Made Present

Whether you are a business, a community, or an individual producer, broadcasting content from your desktop through your very own branded channel is the future made present! TikiLIVE offers you the opportunity to share, advertise, and make money through its cost-effective view on personal network creation.

Create Unlimited Channels

With TikiLIVE you can create unlimited channels for your broadcast network. Stream them to your new broadcast video portal and add unlimited pre-recorded videos, or your Video on Demand content whenever you like.

Third Party Broadcasters

If you like the specific features of a particular broadcasting platform, it’s easy to add them to your dashboard. With your own branded network you can also add third party broadcasters such as:

•    EyePartner’s HD Wave Broadcaster
•    Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
•    Telestream’s Wirecast
•    Vid Blaster Broadcast
•    NewTek’s TriCaster

When you log into your personal broadcaster dashboard, all you need to do is find the third party broadcaster configurations under ‘Record Settings’ and either download the file and load, or paste your broadcasting file data. It’s as easy as one-two-three!

Stay Organized and Efficient

TikiLIVE provides users with a Channel Manager, which allows media to be arranged into a timeline that makes publishing unlimited custom channels more efficient. Publish your video and audio materials into playlists and drag and drop more content as you need it into the channel lineup to create richer broadcasts.

Manage Your Channels and Playlists

Channel Manager makes it extremely easy to manage unlimited numbers of standard or high definition channels and playlists. Once you’ve got it all organized, its ready for delivery over HTTP, Flash, Silverlight, iPTV Set Top Boxes, iPhones, iPads, or any other mobile device.

Create Thumbnails

Stay completely organized by choosing thumbnails for your videos. Name them and categorize them based on a theme, add them to the channel of your choice, and you are able to have all your broadcasts at your beck and call.

Create Private Video Viewing Protocols

With TikiLIVE you can also create a password for private video viewing. Distributing select videos to specific viewers can make your material more desirable and competitive while increasing demand.

Keep Your Content Versatile

TikiLIVE lets you create your VOD content as a linear schedule by easily dragging and dropping interface pictures. The platform is touch screen supported, and allows users to loop playlists on given channels or publish multiple playlists to keep their content interesting and versatile.

Earn Revenue

With Channel Manager you can also integrate advertisements to earn revenue on your playlists, as well as integrate third party videos from YouTube into your show lineup. Other options to create even richer media include ingesting live breaking news or sponsored media spots.

Operate at Low Cost

Because no extra hardware is required, Channel Manager is not just easy, but also a cost effective way to manage your timelines on the fly or in real time. With ad insertion, updates, detailed analytics, tracking impressions, and click-through rates, you have a package that is hard to beat.

Stream on Social Media Sites

Streaming live and Video on Demand (VOD) material on Facebook in high definition has never been easier. Create and click on a thumbnail of your channel or VOD’s posted link to launch your player inside a Facebook page, or copy and paste the URL of your content and you’re good to go!

Maintain a Dynamic Presence

With no embedded codes needed, configuring with social media sites allows your viewers to comment on your broadcasts in real time. By maintaining a dynamic presence in the social media community, you can grow your own HD broadcasting network by leaps and bounds.

Broadcast to Mobile Devices

Broadcasting to mobile devices including Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, and iPads allows your viewers to see your videos anytime, anywhere. As you build your network, you can create live broadcasts and other content that is always available.

Editing Made Easy

Other features that will help you create high quality, professional broadcasts include a clipping editor that allows you to easily edit your videos. By clipping and cropping your material, you can remove unwanted segments such as dead air, outtakes, and mistakes.

Create Chat Rooms

Once you’ve built your personal broadcasting network, don’t forget to create chat rooms! Here you can interact with your viewers, share links and information, and promote yourself or your product.


CinaChat is another great feature that gets your viewers involved during either a live or recorded event. Joining in on commentary is a great way to meet new people and share thoughts and comments.

Don’t Just Say it in English!

Building your own HD broadcasting network doesn’t have to confine you to only one language. Reach out to the world through the Multi Language Module, which lets you create identical templates for your site, each in a different language.

Broadcasting that Reflects Your Taste, Your Brand

There’s no reason why you can’t create a powerful broadcast that reflects your taste, your brand, and your take on life. Contact us today for more information on what you can do via TikiLIVE: