Tim Green

Founder & CIO, TikiLIVE

“We’re not even close to the peak of Over the Top Content. As big as the industry is already, it’s only in its infancy."

Stream and Monetize Media Through OTT Services

As more organizations realize the value of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Video on Demand (VOD), and OTT services, TikiLIVE is poised to offer businesses the solutions they need in order to most effectively reach their target audience. Our platform provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing their live content.

Take a look below at some of the options our users have when deciding to switch over from traditional cable and satellite industries towards a more egalitarian, data-driven, and smart era of modern television.

Who Can Use TikiLIVE’s OTT Services?

Operators, network broadcasters, content aggregators, and news and media organizations can leverage TikiLIVE’s enterprise model in order to deliver lovable content to consumers across the globe.

Over the Top Content Monetization

Obtain increased digital video revenue with turn-key solutions customized for your business. Our platform easily integrates with smart IPTV devices, lowering time to production, enabling you to launch right out of the gate! Viewers can catch your content on popular devices like the AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Roku, set-top boxes, smart TVs, mobile devices, and standard web players.

Our suite of technologies enables operators, content aggregators, and news and entertainment broadcasters the ability to be in control of the content they distribute.

Smart Analytics Allow Organizations to Optimize Content Strategy

Best of all, use data from audience insights and analytics to know what viewers are watching. Discover niche industries with a wealth of audience analytics that can help you target your shows and use your advertising dollars wisely. Increase digital video revenue no matter your revenue model. We work with organizations that expect up-to-date information on all OTT platform revenue models, including SVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

Modern Content For a Modern Audience

At TikiLIVE we believe that cord cutting is not just a headline. Rather, it is a trendline, one that market-savvy individuals and investors should be following closely. The tread away from cable is becoming more prevalent every day as viewing habits are changing. Generation Y and Z do not have the same viewing habits as the older generations. This move away from content is reflective in the changing viewing habits of the American public.

OTT content is disrupting traditional billing models by letting you quickly distribute your programming to thirsty consumers that are tired of the same dull programming. The clients, viewers, and customers that make up your audience will be able to quickly access your content. In turn, you will get robust data back that will allow you to cut costs and expand where necessary, adjusting strategy on-the-fly as your audience’s programming needs change. Trends, audiences, and viewing habits are constantly changing; shouldn’t you change to meet their needs?

TikiLIVE: A Quality OTT Service Provider That “Gets It”

OTT content is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.4 percent from 2016 to 2023. The internet is poised to bypass traditional landline and network infrastructure, delivering content to end users by means of an internet connected device. The possibilities in the developing world are huge. Furthermore, there exists a large untapped market that will feel the effects of globalization, and a technology-trickle-down-effect, opening up the arena for new shows, new programs, new music, and new culture.

Be a part of the pioneer that creates this positive change in the world. Influence your ideal target market with the help of TikiLIVE, not a dinosaur platform that makes you run the gauntlet and is never satisfied with the type of content you are trying to create.

At TikiLIVE we are proud to be one of the leaders in the cord cutting movement. Our IPTV and OTT services let you be in control. Easy to manage and easy to install, our HD and SD video streams allow you to reach users on a wide variety of devices. Spend less time arguing with your platform company, and more time optimizing what you know is working. Quick setup times allow you to move through the configuration process and get to the juicy audience metrics reports. We get that you’ve spent ages conceiving and collecting the content in your possession; let us put it in front of the right audience for you.

With the right audience you can do more with less. Today’s technology allows smarter choices with less money being spent on start-up capital. Lower your time-to-completion and monetize your content in an easier and more seamless way.

TikiLIVE is offering the next generation of TV, today.

If you recognize the need for a new and fresh content video solution, let TikiLIVE be your platform development and cloud hosting company! Our staff of knowledgeable engineers and developers have decades of combined experience in the communications, media, and IT realms. Call us today and we can answer all your over the top content questions.