Creative Ways to Advertise Your Streaming ChannelIn the past, advertising content involved expensive marketing budgets only available to extremely large companies. Thankfully, with the wide availability of online streaming, it’s finally becoming much more affordable to promote streaming content online.

Is Advertising Your Streaming Channel Expensive? 

When most people think of advertising, they think of your typical TV, radio or print advertising. The reality is that while this type of advertising is indeed expensive, it’s not necessary for the success of your streaming channel. With the power of the Internet, you can advertise your streaming channel in a variety of ways without spending large sums of money. In fact, some of the marketing methods may not even cost you a dime!

Creative Ways to Market Your Streaming Channel 

  • Social Media 

Social media offers a whole host of ways to easily get your content noticed by both your audience as well as newcomers who may not have any knowledge of your content. First off ,it’s important to regularly post updates to your social media networks to let your audience know about any new content that you’re planning to release. While this method of social media marketing can reach followers that have liked or followed your social media accounts, this doesn’t necessarily target new users who haven’t had any exposure to your content.

By using social media advertising, you’re able to target all sorts of demographics to get your content out to an entirely new audience. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and others, allow you to target advertising based on demographics such as age, sex, income level, home ownership status, hobbies and much more.

Think about being able to target your home improvement streaming channel to new homeowners or your travel channel to individuals who’ve recently traveled internationally. This not only allows you to target new viewers, but viewers that will likely be incredibly interested in your content.

While Facebook and Twitter are likely the most popular social media networks, other networks such as Pinterest and Instagram are gaining ground and may even be a better option for you depending on the type of content you’re producing.

  • Blogging 

Another way to get the word out about your content is through consistent blogging. Search engines reward companies and individuals that regularly post compelling content on their websites. You want to be looked at as an authority in your niche and there’s no better way to do that than with high quality blog content.

Don’t think that you can simply publish a short piece and expect to see a huge surge in traffic. You need to publish well-researched material with substance to really gain the interest of the major search engines.

Aside from blogging on your own site, you can also reach out to other website owners in your niche to see if they would be willing to allow you to post an informative blog on their website. This helps drive traffic to their site and gain exposure for your brand as well.

  • Email Marketing 

While many companies may have a small email list of interested customers, few actually put that list to work to grow their businesses. Email marketing makes for a great medium for you to connect with individuals who have already expressed interest in your content and are therefore much more willing to be susceptible to additional offers.

If your email list is nonexistent or quite small, it’s important to begin to build it up over time to allow you to have a nice network of people to market to when you decide to release new content.

  • Forums 

Similar to blogging, industry-specific forums can also be a good way to gain traction in your niche. Start by finding a number of sites that relate to your specialty. Don’t immediately start posting incessantly in these forums. It’s best to take a more passive approach initially, only inserting yourself when you’re able to add value.

Once you’ve developed yourself as an authority in the forum, you can start to discuss how your content may be able to help or entertain others in the group. You should always ensure that you’re giving far more than you’re getting in these forum settings. While this may seem like a lot of work, you’re able to again target a small group of individuals that have already shown that they’re interested in the type of content that you’re producing.

Reddit is one of the fastest growing forum communities and some business owners and content creators have had huge success on this growing platform. While Reddit users can be extremely unforgiving at times, they can also jump-start your brand if you are truly adding value to niche groups on the site, which are called subreddits.

  • Promotional T-Shirts 

While t-shirts may seem like an old school way of promoting your streaming channel, they can still be effective. If you’re able to promote your streaming channel through t-shirts, you can help to build your brand when you’re out in the community.

Another way to effectively use t-shirt marketing is by either selling your t-shirts to consumers or offering them as prizes for giveaways. The more people seen wearing your t-shirts, the more viewers your streaming channel will have.

Have Questions About Launching Your Streaming Channel? 

Now that you’ve seen a few ways to market your streaming channel, you may still need a bit of help when it comes to actually streaming your content. Thankfully, the pros at TikiLIVE have been helping consumers across a wide variety of industries easily stream content to the world for well over a decade. For more information on our wide range of streaming services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 305-289-4557.