Internet and online environment have evolved in the past few years to a useful training medium while streaming technology got significant improvements as well. Initially designed as a University service for students living abroad, the e-learning courses expanded to commercials meetings, training classes etc.

Why would you choose to set up an e-learning platform? Because you can offer the biggest advantage for a CFO: reduce the travel costs while you increase the planning flexibility for clients. Using the JamOnCam interactive video-streaming solution your project is basically set and ready to go live in days!

We have developed JamOnCam as a Virtual Learning Environment to respond to 3 main models used most frequently in training sessions:

1. self- paced course where there is limited contact with the trainer.

Using the File Uploader module the trainer can pass on to the trainees the documentation giving the maximum flexibility in picking the time and place for study.

As a business owner you can choose to offer trainer the option to charge students for downloading/uploading files during a training session and add this way one more revenue resource for yourself. Trainers can pass-on simple instructions – organized as files- but also e-books, homework, various presentations or even tests that need revision after completion.

2. Interactive online session

Trainers can explain issues and trainees can ask questions. It’s the main focus when setting up an e-learning project to offer the maximum video quality to your professionals as well as to the students in order to have a positive experience while teaching and learning onto your platform. As the training session is going on, charging on a per-min or per-session basis, generating income for you as owner, for professional trainer as a broadcaster, the students can take advantage of the newest HD Deskshare module and enjoy the live HD session with their favorite trainer. The trainer can broadcast- picture-in-picture- his own camera and the desktop simultaneously. Imagine the student seeing his teacher while following the power point presentation – that is the true, web-learning concept.

3. Hybrid of 1 and 2

The session starts with the online meeting where participants get to know their trainer, get the main points to follow during the webinar and once over each trainee can decide on his own plan.

JamOnCam offers you all options above and gives you something more. Actually is taking something- all the language barriers with the Instant Chat Translator that allows trainers and students to translate text in chat in their desired language. Go worldwide web with your business, redefine Global for your income and be one more prove that in order to be successful all you have to do is plan web and get it LIVE.

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