laser-light-461515_640Are you an aspiring musician looking for ways to gain exposure for your music? You’ve likely seen other musicians using digital channels to gain a following outside their local area, but you may not be sure where to start to grow your own audience.

With so many advances in technology, it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune trying to get your content online. With tools from a leading streaming provider like TikiLIVE you can be streaming your music to the world with relative ease.

When choosing a streaming provider there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your viewers will have an enjoyable experience when trying to access your content.

Utilize a Secure Content Delivery Network

If you are just beginning to investigate what it takes to stream content online, you may or may not have heard of content delivery networks.

A CDN is a network of servers positioned in various parts of the country or even the world to better serve end users.

CDNs serve content to end users based on their proximity to a certain server, which helps to reduce latency.

When you partner with TikiLIVE, you’ll be using a CDN with servers around the world you won’t have to worry about people complaining about latency issues, no matter where they are located.

Make Sure Your Content is Accessible Across Multiple Platforms

Gone are the days where most content was consumed by users watching traditional cable or satellite television. Over the past decade, more and more users have began to view content from their smartphones, tablets, computers and more recently, set top boxes from manufacturers like Roku.

As you plan to stream your live concerts, it’s important to make sure your content can be viewed on as many platforms as possible. TikiLIVE offers full support for viewing on any device.

Access to Premium HD Channels

Providing content online is all about delivering value that will ensure your audience returns to your videos or website multiple times. Developing this type of brand loyalty may be difficult using just your own content.

Thankfully, TikiLIVE has recently given users the ability to add premium HD channels to complement their own original programming. These premium HD channels include content from network giants such as BBC, CCN, CNBC, FOX and many other popular networks.

For a nominal fee you can add these channels to your existing lineup to give your end users even more reason to return to view your content in the future.

Various Monetization Options

As a musician you obviously want to be paid for your music, which can sometimes become difficult. All of the legwork it takes to organize a live concert can be extremely time consuming, especially if you don’t receive the kind of attendance that you may have hoped.

One way to supplement your revenue from live concerts is by using a variety of online monetization methods. In addition to whatever revenue you generate from your in-person audience, TikiLIVE offers several ways that you can make money when broadcasting your live concerts.

  • Online Ticket Sales: Easily sell virtual tickets to your live concerts so that fans can view your content from anywhere in the world (that has an internet connection, of course!).
  • Pay Per View Capabilities: While you can sell virtual tickets for the live event, not everyone will be able to tune in. But with TikiLIVE that’s no problem! You can set up payment options for people who want to watch your concert after the fact.
  • Advertising: You’ve no doubt seen advertisements in music videos. What if you could control the advertisements that appeared within your videos? TikiLIVE gives you full control over the ads displayed with your videos. You can even charge others to advertise! This can be a great way to generate additional income as your videos become more popular.

Social Media Sharing Options

One of the keys to effectively marketing your live concerts is a robust social media campaign. While posting social media updates may seem simple, it’s often one of the first tasks that gets put off as you become busy with other things.

By using a tool like TikiLIVE you can ensure that your social media profiles stay updated as you release new videos. Consistent social media postings will ensure that you are always fresh in the minds of your fans.

How to Stream Live Concerts on Roku

Now that you’ve seen some of the features that come standard with our TikiLIVE service, we thought we would show you how easy it is to stream your live concerts on Roku.

With millions of people accessing streaming content from Roku boxes, you can instantly present your content to a huge audience through TikiLIVE.

Follow these steps to stream your next live concert on Roku:

  1. Sign up for a TikiLIVE broadcaster account.
  2. To publish your live concert on Roku, navigate to your “My Video Channels” link in your TikiLIVE dashboard.
  3. Once on the “My Videos Channel” page, click on “Edit” for the channel that you wish to publish on Roku.
  4. Under “Publishing Options” make sure that “Available on ROKU” is marked as “Yes.”
  5. Click “Save Details” and your channel should now be available for Roku users.

Still Not Sure How to Stream Your Next Live Concert?

If you still have questions about streaming your next concert on Roku or any other device, feel free to contact our customer service experts by phone today at 305-743-6722 and we’ll be happy to help you out.